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Source : LibreOffice 5.1: atualização traz 5 motivos para testar rival da Microsoft

LibreOffice reached version 5.1 with improvements that eliminated some past problems and left close to becoming a viable alternative to Microsoft Office. Even though Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint are the most famous, the suite of open source applications reached enviable levels of usability and features compared with other free software.

Check out the following five reasons that may convince you to migrate from Microsoft Office, which is paid for LibreOffice, which is free forever.

1) Quick Launch

LibreOffice 5.1 is faster than ever to initialize and open Microsoft Office documents. Even when dealing with large and heavy documents too originally made in Word, Excel or PowerPoint, which could lead to headache in the past, Writer, Calc and Impress does not choke.

The performance is hardly the same obtained in Microsoft programs, but it is equivalent if you open the LibreOffice own documents. With this, you will have no reason to change if you write a lot. And others, if you need to edit other people's files, you can do it without major headaches.

2) Easy to use

LibreOffice 5.1 maintains a simple interface, which uses a side menu to offer a list of contextual options. Select a text and use the menu to change the paragraph style, font, among other things, without seeking the correct item in the taskbar. It is the same approach used by Apple in their office programs. If you use Mac, will have no difficulty.

Writer lends other features seen in competitor for Mac, as the elimination of blanks in a document. So with the click of a button, you can scroll through multiple pages with the feeling that it is a single text.

3) compatibility with Keynote, Numbers and Pages

LibreOffice was known for not offering compatibility with documents created on a Mac using Apple applications. But that changed with version 5.1, now fully compatible with texts created in Pages, Numbers spreadsheets and presentations Keynote, among other apps apple. The elements are imported without messing up the document, making life easier for users who need to open and edit files in both software.

It also means that you can create a document in one of LibreOffice programs and save in a format recognized by Apple's office apps. The same could always be done with the formats used by Microsoft, such as DOC, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX and others.

4) Cloud Storage

One of the main novelties of the new LibreOffice - and one of the most anticipated - is compatibility with cloud services. Now any document can be Obtained and saved in Google Drive, onedrive, Alfresco, in own servers using Microsoft SharePoint and other managers, as well as WebDAV and FTP services. No need to install any plugin to run because the feature is integrated into the program. The option is available from the File> Save menu on the remote server.

5) Free forever

LibreOffice has always been free, but it must be stressed: You never have to pay to have a license from text programs, spreadsheets, presentations and others. The software is built on the basis of open source, widely available on the web for consultation. Thus, even if the LibreOffice ceases to exist - something very unlikely in the medium term - will always be alternatives with the same source code.

Microsoft Office is expensive, is considering the single license or monthly subscription. By choosing LibreOffice, you save at least R$ 209 every year, or R$ 347 in a newer Office piecemeal purchase - version that one day will be outdated, forcing him to buy a new license.