Linux AIO Debian Live Has All the Latest Debian Flavors on One DVD

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Oct 23, 2012

The Linux AIO project now features a collection of Debian distributions that should provide more than enough alternatives for users who need this sort of feature.

Linux AIO stands for Linux All-in-One and this is not the first collection to be made available. The makers of this simple assembly of distros started their work with Ubuntu ISO. They found that some people might need all of the major Ubuntu flavors on one disc, but apparently nobody thought of that.

This all-in-one disc doesn't just gather all the ISO images on one DVD, because that would be uninteresting. Users have access to an installation menu that is provided right after the boot. This is where users make their choice and they continue on from that location. Depending on the distributions, the information in the original ISO might need to be compressed a little more, just to fit.
The Linux AIO Debian Live collection is the newest member of the family
In the case of the Linux AIO Debian Live DVD image, the developers put together four different versions, two for each architecture, 32-bit and 64-bit. They are as follows, for the 32-bit platform: Linux AIO Debian Live 7.6.0 32-bit ISO (Debian Live 7.6.0 GNOME i386, Debian Live 7.6.0 KDE i386, Debian Live 7.6.0 Xfce i386, Debian Live 7.6.0 LXDE i386) and Linux AIO Debian Live 6.0.10 32-bit ISO (Debian Live 6.0.10 GNOME i386, Debian Live 6.0.10 KDE i386, Debian Live 6.0.10 Xfce i386, Debian Live 6.0.10 LXDE i386.),

For the 64-bit users, here are the collections: Linux AIO Debian Live 7.6.0 64-bit ISO (Debian Live 7.6.0 GNOME amd64, Debian Live 7.6.0 KDE amd64, Debian Live 7.6.0 Xfce amd64, Debian Live 7.6.0 LXDE amd64), and Linux AIO Debian Live 6.0.10 64-bit ISO (Debian Live 6.0.10 GNOME amd64, Debian Live 6.0.10 KDE amd64, Debian Live 6.0.10 Xfce amd64, Debian Live 6.0.10 LXDE amd64).

As you can see for yourself, all that you might need is included in the release and it's right at your fingertips.
Don't worry, this is legit
You might not trust a third party that offers the original images in a different way from the original makers, but this is the real deal. These are the same packages that you would get from Debian, with no exception.

You can download the Linux AIO Debian Live collection from Softpedia. This being a Live DVD, users should have no problem running it in any kind of environment, desktop or virtual.


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Dec 4, 2013
Thank you exterminator! ..but how did you know?o_O
Linux Debian just happens to be the latest distro to grace our Virtual Box VM!:)
You truly do live up to your title, Sir.
I'm on my way now to download the AIO collection post haste!:D

Update: Post haste = 3 hours :rolleyes: ...looks like it's going to be Bit Torrent to the rescue (..also from good O'le Softpedia!).:p
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