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Hi! I'm brand new to the forums so I apologize for jumping in before reading everything, but if there is anyone around who can help me, I'm trying to devote this afternoon (Eastern time, USA) to helping a friend remove a scam popup from his Linux machine. I created a disc yesterday filled with malware removal tools, each of which said they were Linux compatible, but am not familiar enough with Linux-type OS yet to know how to run them, or if they can even BE run on this setup.

The distro is Zorin 10-RC, created with those converting from Windows to Linux in mind. (It's amazing, you'll have to check it out.) And even though I love it, I simply do not know enough about working with Linux architecture to know how to do this.

If there's anyone out there who is available and can help, I'll answer any questions you need answered.
I'm looking through my notes now and I do not believe this machine was set up with a dual boot system. I think it's purely Linux, so I was kind of shocked that it could contract this popup.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give. I'll be reading everything I can find until I hear from someone.


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If nobody helped you feel free to PM me and I will help you :)
Thank you so much. As embarrassing as this is to admit, I have tried and tried to figure out how to send Private Messages on this board and the closest I found was "Conversations," but I'd certainly love any help you could give.

I'm still hanging around my friends' house, taking up their dining room table, with my notes scattered from one end to the other. Still searching the web for information, including posting on the Zorin board, but I'm still no closer than I was 7 1/2 hours ago.


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Thank you so much, _CyberGhosT_ ~ I did click to allow others to be invited, so at least I "intuited" some of it.
The specs for this particular machine might be shocking, in it's simplicity, but it is one of three computers I was fortunate enough to pick up for practically nothing when a local library upgraded their entire system. They were my lab rats in learning how to convert older PCs from Windows to Linux.

The beautiful thing is, this machine was a loaner I gave my friend to use while I upgraded his other computer. Being called out of town twice, followed by shoulder surgery that kept me from typing, it's been almost a year. This pitifully resourced computer has worked without issue for all of that time, enabling him to get familiar with a new operating system. He probably knows more than I do at this point.

Operating System: Zorin 10-RC
Browser: Chromium v 24.0.1312.56
Computer: Dell OptiPlex GX280
Mainboard: Dell 0XF961
Chipset: Intel i915G
Processor: Intel Pentium 4
Physical Memory: 2048 MB (LOL!!)
Video Card: Intel 82915G/GV/910 GL Express Chipset Family
Hard drive: Western Digital 40GB (the other LOL!!)
DVD-Rom Drive: TSST Corp CDW/DVD TS-H492C
Direct X: Version 9 (May 2010)

I don't really know which details are needed, but that's everything I could find in my notes.


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So, half of my original topic might now be a moot point, although I still want to learn how to troubleshoot a Linux machine, in the rare case I ever run across anything like this again.

Thank you so much to all who offered help, especially NullByte through Conversations.

After being offline, shut down and turned back on a time or two, the computer seems to have righted itself. It has been back online today without any issues. No sign of the popup.

Basically, it was a scam effort to trick someone into calling a "trap" number. I don't know if they then wanted remote access or what. I had my friend just shut the computer off completely until I could arrive. Beside the popup (an information box superimposed over a basically blue screen with other red, white, and black words of warning) there was an accompanying file that auto-played (wav. ?) with a loud "alert" sort of sound. I read of others where a voice file automatically started playing, warning and telling the owner to call the number now!​

About the other aspects of this thread... are there any Linux equivalents to RKill, TDSS Killer, Malwarebytes, SuperAntiSpyware, adwCleaner, etc? I found an excellent tutorial here posted by BoraMurdar for learning how to use Linux and that's my next course of action, to study that, but I'd like to have a disc full of repair programs on hand just in case my friend calls me again before I am a full-scale Linux genius. (Should I live that long, lol.)

Thanks again for whatever information you can offer.


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I am not a Linux guy, I think @TwinHeadedEagle only works with Windows OS, he is our
resident malware removal expert you can try messaging him and see if he can refer you.
This sounds nasty. Some of the Linux users here should see your post and maybe offer some help.
I used Linux a very long time ago but as a gamer many of the titles could not
be run on the Linux platform, so sadly I had to revert back to a MS OS.
If you cant find help soon I would Message @Jack or @Umbra and see if they would be kind enough
to point you in a helpful direction.


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Thanks again. As I mentioned, my present problem looks like it rectified itself, but I'll keep checking this thread to see if acts like a net and catches other input on Linux equivalents of the mentioned programs. I'll also add to it if I find anything out there.

I'm particularly thankful to NullByte for his expertise in all things Linux!
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