Technology Linux is the only OS to support diagonal PC monitor mode — dev champions the case for 22-degree-rotation computing


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Apr 24, 2016
2024 could be the year of the Linux diagonal desktop.

Here's a fun tidbit — Linux is the only OS to support a diagonal monitor mode, which you can customize to any tilt of your liking. Latching onto this possibility, a Linux developer who grew dissatisfied with the extreme choices offered by the cultural norms of landscape or portrait monitor usage is championing diagonal mode computing. Melbourne-based xssfox asserts that the “perfect rotation” for software development is 22° (h/t Daniel Feldman).

Many PC enthusiasts have strong preferences for monitor setups. Some prefer ultrawides and curved screens, and others seek out squarer aspect ratios with flat screens. Multiple monitors are popular among power users, too. But what if you have an ultrawide and find the landscape or portrait choices too extreme? Xssfox was in this very situation and decided to use her nicely adjustable stand and the Linux xrandr (x resize and rotate) tool to try and find the ultimate screen rotation angle for software development purposes, which you can see if you expand the below tweet.



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Apr 16, 2017
2024 will be The Year of The Desktop Linux. And no one can stop it.

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Apr 1, 2019
What complete nonsense. Maybe they need their eyes checked. My eye doctor always does a peripheral vision check. Maybe they need that.
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