List of iOS apps infected by XcodeGhost malware

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    With more than 500 million users affected, XcodeGhost is the biggest security breach to hit iOS. One security firm suggests that the malware has made its way into more than 344 apps so far, and here’s a list of those that are confirmed to have been affected.

    This list was put together by Palo Alto Networks, which was first to discover XcodeGhost. It doesn’t include all of the apps that are affected by this malware — it’s going to take a long time to determine exactly how many there are — but it does include those that have been verified so far.

    Note some of these apps have been translated from Mandarin by Business Insider.
    • WeChat
    • Didi Chuxing (developed by Uber’s biggest rival in China Didi Kuaidi)
    • Angry Birds 2
    • NetEase
    • Micro Channel
    • IFlyTek input
    • Railway 12306 (the only official app used for buying train tickets in China.
    • The Kitchen
    • Card Safe
    • CITIC Bank move card space
    • China Unicom Mobile Office
    • High German map
    • Jane book
    • Eyes Wide
    • Lifesmart
    • Mara Mara
    • Medicine to force
    • Himalayan
    • Pocket billing
    • Flush
    • Quick asked the doctor
    • Lazy weekend
    • Microblogging camera
    • Watercress reading
    • CamScanner
    • CamCard (a very popular business card reader.)
    • SegmentFault
    • Stocks open class
    • Hot stock market
    • Three new board
    • The driver drops
    • OPlayer
    • Telephone attribution assistant
    • Marital bed
    • Poor tour
    • I called MT
    • I called MT 2
    • Freedom Battle
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    What does it mean? I downloaded and installed "Angry birds 2" on my iPhone. Does it mean I am infected?

    I just done some googling and it looks like that is the case. So Rovio the top publisher didn't download Xcode directly from Apple. WTH???
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    The source from Palo Alto Network is a cached page ;) Here's the correct url: Malware XcodeGhost Infects 39 iOS Apps, Including WeChat, Affecting Hundreds of Millions of Users - Palo Alto Networks Blog

    From the info on Palo Altos site it's obvious one need to update for example WeChat.
    aamoos read here: Is Angry Birds 2 infected with malware?
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    Is there a reliable AV / scanner for IOS?
    How can you (in general)detect if your iphone was infected?
    Whst can you do if it was?
    Thank you
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    Good questions! Personal I thinks it's a very sad behavior against all there users when they put there heads in the sand and pretends it's not a big issue as this extremly serious threat to iOS is still very alive and kicking : iOS - XcodeGhost S: A New Breed

    From what I read the best way is to try update the apps if possible as that normaly kills the malware very effective but because Apple is giving this the silent treatment we don't know exactly what apps is infested and how bad it actually is but from previous reports that millions of users was effected and thousands of apps I belive most people can draw there own conclusions.
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    Hello. Is the read more link safe?
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