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The servers of Baltimore City Hall and Amarillo, TX, Potter County were hit by ransomware attacks, with the former having shut down most servers while the latter already got some of its computing systems back online.

Some of the Baltimore City Hall government servers have been infected with an unknown ransomware strain which is reportedly spreading to other computers on the network according to CBS Baltimore.

As detailed in an official statement from Baltimore City Mayor Jack Young:


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Enough towns, cities, agencies, governments, schools, hospitals.... have been hit with ransomware -- it is now to the point that you as a network administrator have no excuses.***

And yeah, the number of those hit with ransomware is MUCH higher than advertised. I'm aware of some of the private organizational inquiries that occur when organizations get hit and are trying to figure out what to do.

1. Get the modern and sometimes redundant protection systems that you need to protect.

2. Get the backups in place so that you can carry-on if your outer barrier is penetrated.

Ransomware has been written about extensively. The issue has been televised on multiple broadcasts. It is a subject at the majority of IT security conferences. There are many vendors that educate entities as they are trying to sell products that protect against...

If sysadmins/management fail to protect, they should be relieved.

***Unless you are raising the issue and management is not providing the funding for a solution