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For anyone who sits in front of a PC for extended periods of time, ergonomics is an important consideration, not just for comfort but also to avoid lingering issues like carpal tunnel syndrome. Dealing with that sort of thing is not fun. Logitech is doing its part. The peripheral maker developed a new mouse that it says i the most advanced ergonomic rodent on the planet, the MX Vertical.

Logitech's claim is rooted in science, and while the MX Vertical might look funky to some, the company is adamant that there is a real purpose behind the non-traditional design.

"Scientifically tested and ergonomist approved, MX Vertical is designed with a natural handshake position and a 57-degree vertical angle to reduce forearm strain and wrist pressure and muscular activity by up to 10 percent compared to a standard mouse. The comfort form is designed to fit a variety of hand shapes and sizes, while the textured rubber surface and thumb rest ensure a solid and natural grip," Logitech explains.