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Hi there,

I really hope you guys will be Abel to help me out.

After running Malwarebytes Anti-Malware scan,there were multiple malware's found. Right after they got quarantined and removed,I immediately lost my internet connection. All of the other devices connect to the internet normally over wi-fi,except for my PC that's connceted to the internet with a cable.

I've tried troubleshooting several times,but I always get a response that there are no detected problems. Tried resetting the rooter and that didn't help as well. Also I've attempted to use the winsockfix file but he also didn't help. It didn't respond to the first ping but it did to the second one, ping.

I've ran out of ideas and to me it looks like I'm only left with a clean installation of the windows. I would like to avoid this if possible so any help you could provide would be most appreciated.

I've posted the FRST.tex and Additional.tex along with reports I got from Malwarebytes scan. I think I lost my connection after the first scan and clean,and then run an addition 2 scans after.

Looking forward to hearing from you,thanks in advance!


Not open for further replies.