Artwork Lucida Anti-Malware [CONCEPT]

Discussion in 'Device Customization & ArtWork' started by Wave, Feb 19, 2017.


Would you like a real Anti-Malware product to have a GUI like this one?

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  1. Rolo

    Rolo Level 18

    Jun 14, 2015
    Retired Electronics, Computer, Network Engineer
    North Carolina
    Windows 10
    Websites have no problem working and resizing on all size displays (Responsive design), from flip-phones to 60" 4K TVs.

    When there is a list for me to go through, I don't want to thumb through a few lines at a time (list of suspicious files, logs, etc.).

    Avast actually does a good job with resizing and with lists and with the gajoodles of options it has; I can resize X & Y, vertically maximize, etc. like a window should do.

    AV/Security software is notoriously bad about UI/UX; if you want to separate from the pack, put effort into the man-machine interface rather than making it look flashy/glitzy/crazysexycool at the expense of usability. Create both.

    To evaluate the design you have, include the OFF color/all colors of your palette.
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  2. RejZoR

    RejZoR Level 7

    Nov 26, 2016
    Security Software Guru
    Windows 10
    You can't compare websites on mobile devices with applications on desktop PC. On mobile device your app is ALWAYS full screen, but shrinked because the screens are tiny. That's not how small apps work on desktops where they are always windowed. And if design is good, you don't even have to scroll through things. avast!'s design as of recent is far from good as it's cluttered with useless settings that should be entirely removed years ago as there is NO need to give users such level of settings granularity.
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  3. Wave

    Wave Guest

    #23 Wave, Feb 20, 2017
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 20, 2017
    Hello everyone!

    I cannot update the original thread due to permissions therefore I decided to make a post reply for the update... I have changed round the order to make it smaller (thanks to @RejZoR idea) and I have swapped the News area for tile components (different tiles to what you'd expect however in my imagination, when you hover over the tab component, the background for that box should darken and the white text should become bolder... I might code it in and make a .gif - I don't use image editing to make the concepts).

    Here is the updated copy:
    Lucida Anti-Malware [UI CONCEPT]


    The settings gear icon at the bottom to the right should show a drop-down allowing the user to select an option for changing the arrangement of the tiles... Alternatively, the GUI should have right-click support for the bottom components to do this too, however since novice users may not try that, a settings icon is nice.

    I know that some people don't like the GUI but since a lot of people have said they like it I may develop the other UI screens (scan, quarantine, settings, alerts, etc.).

    Please let me know what you think about the Home screen updates... Prefer the original or the updated one?

    Thanks! :)
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  4. Rolo

    Rolo Level 18

    Jun 14, 2015
    Retired Electronics, Computer, Network Engineer
    North Carolina
    Windows 10
    You went from talking about UI/UX to talking about AV settings. Perhaps this lack of on-task focus contributes to poor UX.

    Avast's main UI? I dislike it as much as I dislike all other AV UIs (including Windows Defender and especially Norton) because it is cluttered, disorienting, and is more concerned about bling rather than usability.

    It's Avast's other UIs that I was complimenting--the ones after the main window. Totally usable. The UI that is, not commenting on the software itself.

    I can compare website UI/UX to application UI/UX--the common denominator here is the U-S-E-R. The first failure in UI design is to think it's about your app/device/software rather than about your users.
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  5. Winizsol

    Winizsol Level 2

    Jan 19, 2017
    Windows 10
    This concept looks great @Wave!
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  6. Wave

    Wave Guest

    Many more to come! :)
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  7. BugCode

    BugCode Level 10

    Jan 9, 2017
    Oeno Island
    Dude, amazing keep up awesome work ;)
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  8. insanity

    insanity Level 5

    Oct 9, 2016
    Windows 10
    @Wave, it looks great, very professional. Personally, I don't see any use for a Smart Scan or Vulnerability Scan in the home tab, since there is already a Scan tab. And I would keep Sandbox in the Protection options along with the shields.
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  9. Wave

    Wave Guest

    I agree with you, I was brain-storming what to put there for a long time... I guess it might be easier for some to use the links at the bottom of Home than to go over to the Scan tab first, I noticed that Avast have a Smart Scan tile even though they have a Scan tab which gave me inspiration to add it into this interface concept.

    Thank you btw :)
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  10. JM Security

    JM Security Level 28

    Apr 12, 2015
    SecureMyBit Developer
    Awesome UI @Wave , clean, simple and modern. I like it. :)
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  11. Mops21

    Mops21 Level 22

    Oct 25, 2014
    Hi @Wave

    I have some questions about it

    1. Which scan engines will you User

    2. Can you add the scan engines toll virustotal,, Motto Malware denn, herdprotect, metascan and to opswat please

    3. And when can we test it

    4. Any Roadmap available when yes which

    5. Any infos for the multilanguage Support available

    6. Will it be free or paid

    With best Regards
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  12. Wave

    Wave Guest

    Please read the original thread and the title before responding to them... :D

    1. None because it's a concept.
    2. No because it's a concept.
    3. Never because it's a concept.
    4. No roadmap because it's a concept.
    5. No multi-language support since it's a concept.
    6. Neither since it's a concept.

    Lol :D
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  13. Mops21

    Mops21 Level 22

    Oct 25, 2014
    Ah okay thank you very much for your Infos

    With best Regards
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  14. vindiesel

    vindiesel Level 7

    Apr 15, 2013
    Hello just one thing please that this in Spanish language.
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  15. Wave

    Wave Guest

    It's only a concept, I don't speak Spanish so doing this would be time consuming and a waste of time IMO. Not to mention that I don't plan on learning Spanish anytime soon... And Google Translate sucks.
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  16. DardiM

    DardiM Level 26
    Trusted AV Tester

    May 14, 2016
    Windows 10
    I like a lot this GUI !
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  17. Yash Khan

    Yash Khan Level 51

    Oct 22, 2012
    I dont like GUI with big box or shapes, sizes, etc eating the space to show "Protected or You are Protected":D

    Its a big bad green alien mole on a beautiful face:p
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  18. RejZoR

    RejZoR Level 7

    Nov 26, 2016
    Security Software Guru
    Windows 10
    Wave, your main problem seems to be the perception of interface as a whole. Elements need shape consistency, balance of elements (so it doesn't feel heavy on one side so to speak), elements have to align aesthetically. Your new updated concepts again have problem with elements being misaligned which just makes it feel weird. For example, the green "All protection components are enabled" and the blue "Check for updates". It doesn't line up and entirely ruins the aesthetic perception of the GUI.

    Also, what's up with the obsession to stick as many "Scan" buttons on home page? What are you going to place on the "Scan tab" then? And even if you do, why duplicating functions across multiple tabs? If you really have to place an on-demand scan button on the main page, it should be Quick Scan or some sort of "Smart Scan", something like avast! has which is a fast scan which briefly checks most critical parts of the system.

    Btw, are you making the icons and graphic elements on your own or using some sort of "presets" or basic shapes that you then redesign? Coz those are really nice, gotta give you that.
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  19. Parsh

    Parsh Level 24
    Trusted AV Tester

    Dec 27, 2016
    7 Islands of Bombay
    Windows 10
    @Wave This has to be one of the most appealing UI concepts I've seen, though it can be a bit heavy palette-wise for some users.
    The dim rectangular box you used in the 1st image could have been altered/improved and the text above the same breaks the balance of the main panel. Glad you removed it in the next one.

    The 2ND one is brilliant, honestly. It brings essential information to display and is quite intuitive!
    It's quite balanced and consistent than the Xvirus concept..
    I loved the color combinations. Everything fitted at the perfect place, things look beautiful :)
    Only that "- View Protection settings' with the hyphen doesn't fit well.

    The left partition (YOUR SYSTEM IS SECURE and LUCIDA ANTIMALWARE) is a highlight/FOCUS AREA for the main screen and SO you can bring down the 'Lucida Antimalware' part a bit so as to break the Alignment with the middle partition (that shows the shields).
    Also, as you've placed the 'settings' icon on the right at the bottom panel, the symmetric (empty) space on the left doesn't go well. Maybe cover it up or realign the bottom items a bit?

    I've one thought, since you've used light toggles in the central partition, a darker background could provide a differently great focus and appeal (not saying that the current is less focus-based) and is practiced by many industry product designers. Did you try that? You may have to rethink the rest of colors and assignments too.

    I would love to see more screen designs of the same from you ;)
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