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Jun 22, 2018
Download from the official site
Download from MacMajorGeeks

MacBooster is an easy-to-use yet powerful system utility for Mac OS users. Similar to Windows PCs, Mac computers also suffer from slow response, over occupied hard disks, difficulties in uninstalling apps, and other system issues. MacBooster can help users solve these issues with a simple one-click. It clears out junk files in the system, removes threats from the Internet, identifies big or duplicated files that take up large portion of hard disk, and helps you uninstall unwanted apps that won't easily go away. It is the ultimate tool you will need to keep your Mac machines running well.


One-click Cleanup
Quickly clean up your Mac OS for cache files, logs, language files, and application extras etc. with one simple click

System Cleanup
Remove all kinds of junk files on your system to free up tons of space on your hard disk

Smart Optimization
Make your Mac run faster through memory clean, startup optimization, and another number of ways

Performance Boost
Ultimate speedup of your Mac for gaming or work purposes

Mac Security
Protect your Mac from virus and a variety of online threats

OS X 10.7+
64-bit Intel


(Screenshot from official MacBooster User Manual Website)
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