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Reference: Installing Macrium Reflect - KnowledgeBase - Macrium Reflect Knowledgebase

For those (ie. @frogboy) using Macrium Reflect, do you have the PE Components installed? And if you're using it, are they worth downloading?

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Yes, I do download the PE files for helping to boot from a USB to start restoring your system from an image created beforehand.

@Spawn after your first install when Macrium does an update they are relatively small usually less than 50Mb.


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Agree with umbra and frogboy! if your windows 10 crashed or get blue screen which wont work you can use a USB or CD to burn then use boot to restore your windows 10 (OS system img backup)

Edit: Yea we do. if we dont, how can we backup OS img when it crashed or something...


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I'd suggest downloading those PE components. I always have it installed on all my PCs as a boot option. A great way not just to backup/restore data or partitions but run basic disk checking and partitioning commands. Macrium products have saved my data more times than I care to remember. It'll be 6 years with Macrium Reflect in 2018 and I couldn't be happier.


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Let me say that the Macrium Recovery Disk has saved me many hours of work many times... The last two times were last year when my notebook's HD died without giving a single clue it had problems and this year when I finally gave up and bought an SSD.

Macrium had me up and running in less than 20 minutes both times. In the change to SSD it even made the necessary drive geometry adjustments for me.

So yes, download the PE components and create a boot drive, do not rely only on the boot menu because you may have a drive suddenly die on you as it did to me.
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Just adding a couple of bits about the components:

a) With a multi disk PC you can install the PE components on another drive, not necessarily the boot drive. Go to Defaults (gear icon) --> Advanced --> Macrium Reflect PE Files. Select the drive you want the Reflect PE files stored on.

b) Always prepare a bootable USB flash drive OR a CD/DVD. As @mlnevese said, drives can die. I update both USB and the hard disk based PE files regularly.

MR makes it very easy to keep your data backed up, accessible and safe. But even this great backup solution has a "wart". There's no option to backup or restore to/from a Cloud provider. I truly wish Macrium would introduce this feature in a future version.