Macrium Reflect Free Edition 7.2.4523 is released


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Sep 5, 2017
What's new in this version:

XP Boot Menu:
- Windows XP can now handle boot menu creation when the 'C:' drive has the compressed attribute set

Auto System restore:
- A "Backup is running" message box could be incorrectly shown on Windows Vista when performing an automatic restore. This has been resolved.

SQL Continuous backup:
- The Start end End time calculations didn't take into account the local time zone. This has been resolved.

Rescue Media Builder:
- On multi-boot systems, Windows RE WIM files for a different architecture to the current OS will now be ignored when scanning
- When building rescue media with a custom wim for a different architecture to the running OS (eg. a 32-bit custom wim on a 64-bit system), RMBuilder will now detect the architecture mismatch and will not try to copy drivers from the host OS
- On Windows Vista, RMBuilder would sometimes give "WIM file not found" error messages when a valid Wim file was present. This has been resolved.
- Since Windows PE does not support wifi, Windows PE rescue media will no longer give Unsupported Devices messages for wifi devices
- In certain cases, 64-bit drivers could be automatically copied into the 32-bit drivers folder. This has been resolved
- USB root hubs will now be shown in the list of devices on RMBuilder's Devices And Drivers options tab
- If the Windows ADK is installed but a newer version of Windows PE is available from a zip file, RMBuilder will now build rescue media from the zip file wim rather than the ADK wim
- When performing an automatic restore on a system with multiple network adapters, the rescue media would sometimes not correctly set the network configuration for all adapters. This has been resolved
- USB Devices in RMBuilder now show the volume label as well as the drive letter
- The 'Backup Selection' dialog in Reflect and the 'Update Drivers' dialog in RMBuilder have been updated to allow for easier browsing for network folders

Release Notes: Macrium Reflect Patch Details
Download: Macrium Software | Macrium Reflect Free