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Macrium Reflect Free Edition v.5.3.7170 - new release

Download page:

With Macrium Reflect Free Edition you'll be able to easily make an accurate and reliable image of your HDD or individual partitions. Using this image you can restore the entire disk, partition or individual files and folders in the event of a partial or complete system loss.
Macrium Reflect Free Edition is a handy tool designed to create backups of your disk partitions in order to protect yourself from data loss. You can use it to restore your disks to a previous state in case of a hardware failure.

"Since the data used in our daily activity is saved on the hard drive, it is possible to lose important files and documents due to hardware problems. A solution is to periodically create backups in order to recover the essential files.

This program allows you to backup the data from your hard drive to an image file that can be used to restore everything, down to the last bit. This method allows you to recover not only the documents but also the programs required for your activity.

However, creating an identical copy tends to use more disk space than required which is why Macrium Reflect can compress the file. You can also use the Intelligent sector copy feature which backs up only the used disk sectors.

The interface is easy to use and allows you to quickly select the disk that you want to back up and the location. You also have the option to analyze the partition in order to detect errors before creating the image.

Since backing up a large partition can take more than a few minutes you can automate the process by scheduling the operation. Thus, you can configure the task and allow the program to run it in the background while you are working.

If you need to only retrieve certain files from the image, the app can mount it as a virtual hard drive that you can browse in Windows Explorer. Additionally, the app can convert the image to a Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) that can be used with Windows Virtual PC.

Although casual users can find the app sufficient for their needs, network administrators and other advanced users might need additional options such as incremental backups which can be accessed by purchasing Macrium Reflect Standard Edition or other editions.:

Source: ---Written by Sorin Cirneala

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Hi Great thread! I wish everyone would read your thread and make a back up image of their OS.
Macrium Reflect has saved me many times!
If you don't want to use a 3rd party; use the windows image back up feature.
Click on my signature to learn how. Very easy to understand!
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Macrium Reflect v6.0.453 is available for download but not officially released yet.

Rapid Delta Restoring(RDR) will only copy changed data blocks and will complete the restore process much faster

Bug Fixes: 6.0.453:
  • Synthetic Full execution error - The backup log reported an incorrect attempt to create a Synthetic Full. This has been resolved.
  • File and Folder file search error - When searching for Files in a File and Folder backup the selection dialog would be disabled if the search was canceled. This has been resolved.

N.B V6 has not been released officially yet,therefore it is not recommended to use this version on Production PCs.Also Free version download link not available as of now.
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Macrium Reflect v6.0.460 is available now
What's New: 6.0.460:
  • Increased maximum partition size when imaging The maximum partition size that can be imaged is increased from 53.3TB to 3413.3 TB.
  • Rescue Media Optional Components The Rescue Media wizard now has a checkbox for Optional Components. When the checkbox is ticked, the rescue media will include all the required files for BitLocker and iSCSI support.
  • Upgrade Installation The upgrade process will now remove any old Version 5 boot menu options and wims.
  • VSS Fallback If VSS fails with a writer error then it now falls back to creating a shadow copy without writers. This is configurable in the program defaults.
  • Rapid Delta Restore Rapid Delta Restore is now the default restore option in Windows PE.

Bug Fixes: 6.0.460:
  • Scheduled backups task editing improvements Tasks can now be edited even if the backup definition xml file cannot be found.
  • v5 Scheduled tasks upgrade Editing tasks created with v5 could result in duplication of tasks. This has been resolved.
  • Home Edition not allowing ReDeploy The ReDeploy option was not available for the Home Edition. This has been resolved.
  • Save empty exclusions in File and Folder Filters A cleared folder exclusion filter in File and Folder backup would not cause the default value to be clear when next run. This has been resolved


N.B V6 has not been released officially yet,therefore it is not recommended to use this version on Production PCs.Also Free version download link is not available as of now.
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Macrium Reflect v6.0.461 is available now
What's New: 6.0.461:
  • File and Folder backup set matching options
File and Folder Backups can now append to existing backup sets in the target folder based on 3 options:
    • Similar - Match on backup sets with at least one matching folder.
    • Strict - Match on backups with exactly the same folders and filters. (as with v5).
    • All - Match on any backup.


N.B V6 has not been released officially yet,therefore it is not recommended to use this version on Production PCs.Also Free version download link is not available as of now.


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Macrium Reflect 6.0.467

New 'Duplicate XML' context menu option
A new right click context menu to enable you to create a duplicate of any backup definition XML file has been added.
Bug Fixes: 6.0.467:

Imaging progress bars inconsistent
The current and total progress shown when imaging multiple partitions could indicate incorrect values. This has been resolved
Scheduled task saving problem.
The 'Run if missed' option could fail to be updated when saving a Scheduled Task. This has been resolved.

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anyone can give me tutorial for backup my operating system Windows 7 ultimate with macrium reflect?


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v6.0.476 released Home Edition Workstation Server Server Plus Free version is still on 5.3 build 7277
Feature Comparison

Note Macrium Redeploy Item level Recovery and Rapid Delta Restore are not included in the planned free version
of version 6