Level 24
What's New v7.2.4156 - 3rd April 2019
  • Large NTFS Cluster Sizes
    Macrium Reflect now includes support for volumes formatted with the NTFS file-system that have a cluster size larger than 64K.
Bug Fixes
  • Change Block Tracker
    • On some system using Microsoft Storage Spaces the option to enable CBT could fail. This has now been resolved and CBT fully supports Storage Spaces.
    • Performance Optimization. The frequency with which CBT flushes its internal state to disk has been reduced.
  • File and Folder Incorrect Progress Bar
    Reflect Monitor would show a sliding progress Marquee instead of the actual backup progress. This has been resolved.
  • WinRE Wi-Fi Connection
    It was not aways possible to switch Wi-Fi networks when more than one network was available. This has been resolved.
  • PEExplorer
    The PEExplorer application in the rescue media now includes a file deletion confirmation prompt.
  • 'psvolacc.sys' error when browsing Images in Windows PE/RE
    An incorrect error could be displayed when browsing images if the 'Enable access to restricted folders' option was selected in Windows PE/RE. This has been resolved
  • License Key Edition Change
    When changing the installed edition of Macrium Reflect the previous license key could be retained after running the installer. This has been resolved
  • BitLocker Removal Warning
    When resizing a restored BitLocker unlocked image the BitLocker Removal warning message box would not be displayed. This has been resolved
  • Various
    Various small bug fixes and changes to improve Macrium Reflect.
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