The hysteria is just nuts!
This hysteria is no different than all the other usual mass hysteria in reaction to IT security related topics that frighten people - like Eternal Blue\Double Pulsar. Remember that one ? EB\DP actually applied to not even 1 out of 100 people who actually read about them - but everybody reacted as if they were at risk of impending infection and doom - that their systems would be encrypted by WannaCry.
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Just updated my Asus Transformer (2 GB + Z3750) - 11-12% performance loss and my wife's Yoga 520 (4 GB + 4415U) - 19-20% loss. Gues the people with powerfull CPU's suffer the most.
EDIT: also updated my Windows 7 desktop, which has an old dual core G3240 and it shows 18-19% loss. My Desktop has nearly same CPU benchmark as the 2-1 Yoga of my wife (and has simular loss in performance).