Do you visit any of the following websites that still use flash?

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Major Websites That Still Use Flash Player:

As much as every website wants to adopt HTML5, there are several factors that make this impossible. This is why many websites, apps and software still uses Flash player despite its security concerns and vulnerabilities..

The problem with HTML5;

Simple and easy to rip and pirate. Plain HTML5 streaming videos are so simple, they can be ripped and pirated without breaking a sweat. It lacks the additional toolkits and APIs that website coders can use to keep the videos from unwanted ripping. Of course, security measures have been improved, or Google would not insist that users and website owners switch to HTML5.

Expensive and difficult to implement. Netflix and Amazon have been two of the websites that managed to use HTML5 to develop a working premium video service, and that’s because they have a ton of money and resources that they can pour into the project.

Moreover, making a switch from Adobe Flash to HTML5 would mean reprogramming from scratch, and losing Flash-reliant ads that help pay the bills.

10 Websites that still rely on Flash:
  1. Crunchyroll
  2. Hulu
  3. Funimation
  4. Huffington Post
  5. CNN
  6. New York Times
  7. Fox News
  8. Vimeo
  9. Videojug
[To find out 17 more websites that still use flash,and to read the full article please visit]


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Flash will be abandoned in the future eventually. They'll probably have no choice but to use HTML5 or they will have to find and use an alternative. :/
Yes, I think that you are right.:)
I read elsewhere that HTML5 ads are larger than their flash counterparts,so perhaps there is a possibility that the customizable "block large media elements" option of uBlock origin may become useful for adblocking in addition to the bandwidth saving & page-load speed increase that it is currently used for.

Once in a while I visit FoX News.
Is that an all inclusive list of sites that still use Flash ?
Because if that is I had no idea it had shrunk to such a low level. I may go ahead and remove flash form my PC as well.
Thanks for the informative post. :)
Thanks CG :)
No,It is not an all inclusive list.The BBC News/Sport websites currently require flash too,and they are not among the 27 sites listed on neurogadget.
I still have flash on my system,but I use the "FlashControl" extension in conjunction with it..


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I am pretty sure i visit sites that need flash but i have it disabled. If content is missing, it's missing, i am not going to use flash because they can't move to the current technology.
Also helps with twitch because when you have flash disabled they push you the html5 beta player.


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I'd imagine a lot of the sites I vist still use flash - of the ones on the list, the big one is Funimation. I pay for full access as it's far cheaper than buying DVD/Bluerays. I typically watch using Xbox One app or the new Windows 10 app they released. I even on occasion use the new Android app they released as it plays far better than using their website.

In terms of flash vs HTML5 - I don't really find a different performance wise. On Chrome it seems HTML5 is lighter and more fluid but on Firefox, HTML5 lags a bit and I find I have to force flash to play. Guess it kind of varies where you use it - however in security we should expect exploits to hit HTML5 as it gets more popular. Similar to what happened to Linux but since it's multiplatform, it will probably have more attention.

The moment we expect something to be perfect is when we get hit hardest. I prefer to keep my guard up.
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  • MalwareTips (trusted policy for Flash)
  • Work web-based email (trusted policy for Flash)
  • All Others (Ask)
Flash is not the great boogee-man that it is currently portrayed to be.

If an alternative is widely adopted, that "standard" will be only incrementally more secure than Flash + not have the benefit of years of security improvements (and yes, vulnerabilities will be discovered and need to be fixed - just like Flash).

It is debatable whether or not an alternative will be intrinsically more secure than Flash. In the long run it will likely prove to be just as vulnerable as any other.

A new "standard" or option is not necessarily better - you will still have to run it with restricted privileges to guarantee a reasonably good baseline security capability.
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just turn on your image blocker, read the text of the news, and forget about all those stupid pictures.
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