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Two fresh malvertising campaigns are making the scene that are abusing the convoluted underpinnings of the internet economy to find malware victims. One is a large-scale exploit kit (EK) campaign designed to circumvent traditional safeguards, such as ad blockers, and the other uses web redirects to target Mac users.

According to Cisco Talos, a RIG EK campaign is spreading via an infected toolbar that is downloaded during a bundled software installation. In the other campaign, Cisco discovered a website redirecting Safari browsers to a domain delivering a malicious Flash Player installer.

“[Internet] advertising…is a highly complex and convoluted system that is ripe for abuse,” researchers said in a writeup on Wednesday. “This is an issue that should not be ignored by the public, as these malicious ads can deliver malware out of nowhere and trick traditional internet users who may not be aware of the threats that exist on some pages.”
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