Malware campaign impersonates VC firm looking to buy sites


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Aug 17, 2014
BleepingComputer was recently contacted by an alleged "venture capitalist" firm that wanted to invest or purchase our site. However, as we later discovered, this was a malicious campaign designed to install malware that provides remote access to our devices.

Last week, BleepingComputer received an email to our contact form from an IP address belonging to a United Kingdom virtual server company.
This email pretended to be from a venture capitalist interested in investing or buying BleepingComputer, with the whole email listed below.
"Hello, we are a group of venture capitalists investing in promising projects.
We saw your website and were astounded by your product. We want to discuss the opportunity to invest or buy a part of the share in your project. Please get in touch with us by phone or in Vuxner chat.
Your agent is Philip Bennett. His username in Vuxner is philipbennett Make sure you contact us ASAP because we are not usually so generous with our offers. Thank you in advance!"
Cluster25 researchers explain in a report coordinated with BleepingComputer that the Vuxner[.]com is hosted behind Cloudflare, however they could still determine hosting server's actual address at 86.104.15[.]123.

The researchers state that the Vuxner Chat program is being used as a decoy for installing a remote desktop software known as RuRAT, which is used as a remote access trojan.
"Infection chain for this campaign can be divide in a fist stage phase, where the decoy URL drops and installs a Software called “Trillian” and the second one where the installer drops a legitimate Remote Desktop Software known as RuRAT used for malicious purposes," the Cluster25 researchers explain.