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Jul 27, 2015
The IT security researchers at RiskIQ have discovered a unique malware campaign targeting Android devices to steal personal information of the victim and generate revenue. The campaign involves a battery saver Android application called “Advanced Battery Saver” on Google Play Store which surprisingly once installed does exactly what it claims including reducing battery strain, increasing battery life and killing processes using unnecessary resources.

However, according to researchers at RiskIQ, at the same time, the app gains permission to access sensitive log data, receive text messages (SMS), receive data from Internet and full network access etc. Furthermore, it runs an ad-clicker in the background that tricks users into clicking on ads and links to generate revenue for malware authors. Moreover, the ad-clicker steals device information including phone numbers, IMEI, model, brand, location and more.
The malicious Advanced Battery Saver app is currently installed on around 60,000 devices worldwide which implies that cybercriminals could be making a handsome profit while users are clueless about the original functionality of the app.

If you have installed Advanced Battery Saver app on your device remove it right now and run an anti-malware scan.
The policy point towards someones else app/site. There are other apps that already have the exact same name and it's still available on the Play Store at the time this is posted.
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