Operating System
Windows 10
Infection date and initial symptoms
It slowed down at 20.7.2019
Current issues and symptoms
Slowed browsing speed, even in the games but the download is still the same.
Steps taken in order to remove the infection
The basic anti-malware programs, but nothing worked
System logs
Yes, I've uploaded both FRST.txt and Addition.txt logs


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I have this problem that is very irritating. I am not so sure if it's a malware, but all of a sudden my browsing speed is extremely slow, everything takes forever to load and sometimes it didn't even load the site.

I am having this problem for a few days now and I don't know what to do to get rid of it, I would appreciate any help.
Thanks for the time to whoever decides to help me! :)



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I am using Google chrome and no, it does not. Just to load this site took me about 10-15 seconds, normally it would be loaded in 1-3 seconds.


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When did this start happening? Have you recently done anything on your system, installing some new program like Antivirus or so? Have you checked the components temperature, is there any dust in the case?


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It started when I wanted to log in to my League of Legends account, it didn't want to log in. So I searched a solution for that problem and I found out that Riot games have their Hextech repair tool, so I used it but it didn't help at all, after that all went downhill.

I am using Kaspersky antivirus for a while now. I was updating ccleaner at the time as well when the problem started.

My temperatures are all normal and I clean my case regularly.

Edit: I updated my windows today and it looks that my browsing speed is back up, but I don't know if it's just temporary.
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