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October proved to be a quiet month in terms of information security events. However, over the course of the second autumn month, a number of popular Internet resources still fell victim to attacks of cybercriminals—the hacked websites were used to distribute a dangerous program disguised as an anti-virus utility created by a well-known developer. Moreover, October witnessed emergence of new Trojans for Android and iOS—in particular, Android.BankBot.80.origin that was spread as an official online banking application of a Russian financial organization and IPhoneOS.Trojan.YiSpecter.2 designed to display advertisements and stealthily download other programs to compromised devices.


  • A number of websites got hacked by cybercriminals to distribute malware
  • Emergence of a new Trojan designed to perform web injections
  • Distribution of new malicious programs for Android
Full article.. Dr.Web — October 2015 virus activity review from Doctor Web


Level 85
We witness that from several months passed until now, ransomware continuously alive and kicking in such multi platform already where procedures are totally hard hitting to clean like in real life situation.