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Mar 13, 2024
Hello, good day to all.

I have a stressful situation, I am hoping someone can help me out.

A while back someone sent me a trojan and worm. It infected every device on my network. Whether an Android, Windows PC, iMac or iPhone. Possibly once they got in my network they moved into other devices, I am not 100% sure as I am not too tech savvy.

So I factory reset all devices, router included. Set it up for maximum firewall settings, blocked all incoming connections on the firewall for both Windows PC and iMac. Also, I set up devices on different SSID's and our renters on a guest network. No option for VLAN.

The issue I am having, when our renters are out, the computers run without issue. As soon as they come home, the internet keeps cutting out. Could this be because the worm is trying to infect our devices on the network ? I am assuming because they infected their work networks most likely, and after formatting their devices, connecting back to their networks at work infected their devices again ?

It's getting stressful and I am open to any suggestions as I cannot work like this, on my iMac, I have to turn wifi on then off and I get about two web pages open and then it stops working but still shows connected, on the Windows PC it keeps disconnecting and reconnects. When they are out, I have 0 issues runs as it should.

Thank you.

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