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Malwarebytes community,
We have just released a new version of your product, with Component package 1.0.835
As you probably know if you don't want to wait for the 'Update Available' notification, go right ahead and retrieve the update manually by clicking Install Application Updates in Settings > General.
What’s New in this 4.1:
• Dark Mode UI
• Enhanced Performance
• Improved AE detection and remediation
Some Issues now addressed:
• Fixed: install failed in Install Certificates
• Fixed: Several BSODs or hangs occurring under certain circumstances
• Fixed: web protection prevents Avast SecureLine VPN from turning off
• Fixed: Several UI issues
Thank you so much.


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I have a life time license for MB good to see they are improving but slowly...............
I have a lifetime licence as well the browser guard is very powerful!!! if you visit a url link thats undetected with in minuets is detected as it's "reputation" detection and blocked. You must use browser guard with the premium version as it offers much more protection and detection of links.

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You may read the thread over @ Wilders. Here's one I found with a quick search:

The press announcement here makes it clear that it will only be integrated in their endpoint offering. Very disappointing

@oldschool thank you for sharing the link of the informative discussion. Very useful, indeed


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MBP is working flawlessly on my laptop. It does increase the time of opening applications and slows down copying files a bit, but, generally, it is light. I wish I had purchased a lifetime key but a 4-year license is not bad either.
Same here!Had it installed on two of my machines.Product is getting better with every new update. The Dark theme is very well designed and looks nice(y)...and like always one of the best web protection out there.