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Malwarebytes 4 - Product Screenshots - Malwarebytes 4 - Product Screenshots

Below we've added high-quality screenshots for Malwarebytes 4. The screenshots cover most parts of the product. For questions and discussions visit our dedicated Malwarebytes forum.


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Level 2
i have a lifetime license with malwarebytes and i see the opened a new office near me in clear water florida
but to me they seem so heavy lately and to run them seems surfing the web feels hit or miss with browser extension guard
perhaps version 4 will feel lighter time will tell


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Its straight up sad how they are saying it can replace your antivirus
Marketing... like some anti-exe claiming they are also anti-exploits or some expensive SRP claiming they are invulnerable. LOL
People doing marketing teams have limited experience about how the product they promote works, they aren't testers. They just call the dev team and ask:

marketing (MK): "hey what it does and protect against?"
Dev: "we detect all kind of malware and block them"
MK: "ok fine enough"
tester team: "hey not true, it cant protect against fileless malware or exploits "
MK: "fileless what? is it prevalent?"
Test team: "ummm...not so much but it exists"
MK: "ok, so need to put them into consideration"

result: "our product is developed with a high sense of duty to our customers safety and we can protect you against all kind of malware! Dont worry anymore, use your computer as you want , we take care of your security"

CEO to MK: "good slogan guys, you are the best!"

In the meantime, the test team just bypassed the product...send to the devs, who denied the bypass (because the test team is annoying and give too much works to them)

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