Level 23
The Malwarebytes (MBAM) Browser Extention (beta) for Chrome is now at version 1.0.38.

It seems that many systems are not automatically updating -- as most Chrome extensions do.


And for many, this button does not work either.

For many, you just need to remove it from Chrome, and then reinstall it.

The Malwarebytes Browser Extension (MBE) Beta seems very good at this point. Our own @Evjl's Rain's testing indicates that this is a pretty solid extension.

From MBAM:

What is it?
Malwarebytes for Chrome provides a safer and faster web browsing experience by cleaning up unwanted content, resulting in up to 3x faster webpage load times while saving megabytes of bandwidth.
It is the world’s first innovative browser extension which heuristically identifies and blocks Tech Support Scams browser-lockers which scares users into calling fake tech support scammers, and, filters out fake news, clickbait, coin miners, and other malicious content.
Malwarebytes for Chrome also incorporates traditional protection functionalities such as blocking ads, trackers, and known malicious websites.
  • Protection from Tech Support Scammers
    Blocks annoying pop-ups, browser hijacks and browser lockers which are abused by scammers to drive victims into call centers who use scare tactics to sell expensive technical support.
  • Faster web page load times
    Popular websites download a lot of content in the background, unsuspecting to users. By filtering out clickbait, fake news feeds, ads, and trackers, Malwarebytes Proactive Browser Protection can speed up webpage load time by up to 3x times, saving bandwidth.
  • Prevents visits to malicious pages
    Protects users from inadvertently visiting malicious websites that host malware content, load bitcoin miners in the background which slow down your computer, phishing sites, and a plethora of other malicious content.