Level 10
is malwarebytes forums down? i keep getting a time out request for the forums? Screenshot
It loaded very quickly here. But, I have noticed that a couple of sites I tried to access earlier showed a time out, then a few minutes later I could access them, while I was able to access other sites at the same time. One site was the BBC and another was a site. Last night our internet went down for nearly an hour, it has dropped off a few times during the day apparently (I wasn't here) for a few minutes each time. I have no recollection of this happening over the last two years or so, we have a reliable connection normally. It could be a sign of the times, lots of people working at home, kids home from school at normal class times on x-box, people streaming at times of day they'd normally have been at work all overloading a creaky broadband system here in England. Somewhere between you and the servers you access Malwarebytes Forum on could be suffering something like that. Is it just their site you've noticed that happening with?


Level 5
I wonder if there are any issues with MBAM and Kaspersky...
Malwarebytes had update their version to、Component package 1.0.854 ,
the compatible issue with Kaspersky 2020 had no more ,
after i tested on my laptop and run them both more than 24 hours , seems they work well together .

before this update , indeed Malwarebytes's ransomware protect can't work with Kaspersky 2020 ,
it will cause your system crashes or freezes , until you manually close one of them .