Operating System
Windows 10
Infection date and initial symptoms
Infection date unknown, no symptoms
Current issues and symptoms
After logging in, desktop is black and cmd window opens unprompted.
Steps taken in order to remove the infection
Malwarebytes was ran to identify and remove threats. Malwarebytes has placed 2 threats into quarantine. Frst has been ran to produce "frst" and "addition" logs.
System logs
Yes, I've uploaded both FRST.txt and Addition.txt logs


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I used malwarebytes to perform a check just in case as I read about a friends malware incident. Using Malwarebytes, it found 2 threats that it quarantined. It informed me that rebooting was necessary to finish the operation. After rebooting, as I log in (I am the only user account), the desktop is black and a cmd prompt is open. I can run programs.

Edit: I thought my malwarebytes was up to date as I updated it before running the scan, but apparently it is version 3.3.1, which seems to be from september 2017. I've now updated it to the latest version, and it has found no new threats.

Targets Malwarebytes put in quarantine (where they remain as of now) are:

I downloaded FRST and ran a scan. Frst and addition notepad files are attached. From my understanding, I would need a "fixlist" for FRST now. Can someone provide me with one, or instruct me on how to proceed?

Thank you.


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I see, there was a bitcoin miner on your system. How is your system behaving now?
Apart from not having desktop/toolbar at the bottom, I am able to use the computer normally via cmd lines and the task manager. I didn't notice adverse performance before the malwarebytes scan, and other than the previously mentioned issue havent run to other problems now.