MalwareTips Logo 2017 Explained

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Jul 13, 2014
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Windows 10
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I can understand, it's like an identity;) Best to keep it like it is.The other colors are fine, but personally, they don't come close to the original one.:)

The logo design also gives the impression of something heavy and robust,like a shield. For example,a color like yellow will not be the best. The original blue mixture fits well.
Just a precision.When i was referring to the original,it was the NEW original one not the old logo.Sorry for the misunderstandings:)


Level 61
Mar 15, 2011
Operating System
Windows 10
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I like the concept for the newly Malwaretips Logo, it just showcase that our mind can interpret some meanings base on the combination of letters and symbols.

It's indeed a time to renovate the logo in order to encourage users to join the community.

Honestly color is important base on which primarily use as a theme for a product; so in that case, everything is matched.