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Even after years of hammering home the importance of online account security, some users still aren’t taking the matter seriously. In a small-scale study of real-world data, researchers found that some are failing to update breached passwords in a timely manner and continuing to both utilize weak passwords and recycle them between services.

Few things would seemingly convince someone to change their password more than the realization that the service you use that password to access has been breached and your credentials are now in the possession of an unauthorized third party.

Yet even in that clear-cut scenario, many can’t be bothered to take action.


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I would say, that depends on the service. Like a free account for online games, you can create a new one within seconds. I use the same username and password roughly half of the time and no account was ever even being accessed. DHL was hacked in 2016, my logins stolen and no problems whatsoever.


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Some ideas:

Account holder does not check their emails, and are therefore unaware of the data breach.

Companies do not force a password reset.

A misconception around using a Password Manager that makes you invulnerable to hacks.

Does not care, since they no longer that service.