MARCH 22, 2015 Settings & addons for Firefox web browser to get better online privacy by Cyber Raide

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Terry Ganzi

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Feb 7, 2014
MARCH 22, 2015
Settings & addons for Firefox web browser to get better online privacy

These settings can be done on firefox & firefox based web browser to get better privacy

  • Tick “Tell sites that i do not want to be tracked“

  • Untick “Enable Telemetry“
  • Untick “Enable Firefox Health Report“
  • Untick “Enable Crash Reporter“

  • Write “ about:config” on address bar and press “Enter”
  • Click “i ‘ll be careful, I promise!

Find these preference names and change the Status as shown below

  1. media.peerconnection.enabled False
  2. network.http.sendRefererHeader 1
  3. network.http.referer.XOriginPolicy 1
  4. network.http.referer.spoofSource True
  5. network.http.referer.trimmingPolicy: 2
  6. network.http.sendRefererHeader 0
  7. 0
  8. geo.enabled False
If you have 4 GB or more RAM

  1. browser.cache.disk.enable false
  2. browser.cache.memory.enable True
  3. Add this new entry with name “browser.cache.memory.capacity” and value integer “400000”

These settings may break loading of some web pages. So use it carefully

  • dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled False
  • False
This feature helps if detecting malware distributing & phishing websites. But to do so it transmit URL of all website you vissit to google servers. So some folks say disable it if you want extreme privacy. Its up to you

To disable

  • Untick “Block reported attack sites
  • Untick “Block reported web forgeries

To block ads, tracking websites, social media widgets

Configure ublock settings

In tab “3rd party filters” tick as shown below

  • When done click “Apply changes

Self destructing cookie settings

  • You may want to increase the “grace period” to “1200
  • Untick “Notifications“

  • All the cookies of websites will be deleted when you close the tab. So you might want to add some website in “Whitelist” whos cookies will not be deleted
  • To do so click “Edit Whitelist

  • Enter the name of website which you want to whitelist
  • Click “Allow
  • Click “Close

If you don’t want cookies of a website to be deleted. You can do so by

  1. open the website
  2. Click on “Self destructing cookie” icon
  3. Select “never” so that the cookie of this website will never be deleted
  4. For online shopping and online banking website you should select “after you close the browser”.
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