Advanced Plus Security Marhendra Mobile Security Configuration

Last updated
Mar 3, 2022
Galaxy Note 10
Mobile OS
Mobile OS version
Android 12
Mobile system updates
Automatic - allow the operating system to manage system updates
Mobile app updates
Automatically allow app updates over any network connection
App privacy permissions
  1. Android - Block unknown apps
Explicitly allowed
1. Adding ZoneAlarm Certificate Authority (zerocert.crt) for Advanced Phising Protection.
Play Protect settings
Automatic - allow periodic scans to protect against potentially harmful apps
Real-time security apps
1. ZoneAlarm Mobile Security.
2. Samsung Device Care (default).
Authenticator apps
1. Microsoft Authenticator
2. SMS-based authentication
Autofill & Password apps
1. Microsoft Authenticator.
2. Google Autofill.
Find my phone
Managed by the operating system
SIM card security
SIM card is passcode protected
Screen lock settings
Biometric lock settings
  1. None
Sharing visibility
Off or Hidden - block all incoming files
Browser apps
1. Firefox for Android.
2. Google Chrome (disabled).
Content filtering apps
1. ZoneAlarm Safe Browsing and Advanced Phising Protection.
Phone & Caller ID apps
Messaging & Social apps
1. WhatsApp
2. Signal
3. Telegram
Music & Podcasts apps
1. Samsung Music
Video & Livestream apps
1. YouTube (disabled).
Games & Optimisation apps
Secure DNS
None, because it may alter the ZoneAlarm Safe Browsing feature (VPN-based).
1. Surfshark
2. ProtonVPN
Maintenance and Cleaning
1. Samsung Device Care
Personal Files & Photos backup
1. Google Drive
2. Samsung Cloud
Personal backup routine
Automatic (scheduled)
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