Update May 10, 2022—KB5013942 (OS Builds 19042.1706, 19043.1706, and 19044.1706) released


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Apr 24, 2016
  • Addresses security issues for your Windows operating system.

This security update includes improvements that were a part of update KB5011831 (released April 25, 2022) and also addresses the following issues:
  • This update contains miscellaneous security improvements to internal OS functionality. No additional issues were documented for this release.
If you installed earlier updates, only the new updates contained in this package will be downloaded and installed on your device.

For more information about security vulnerabilities, please refer to the new Security Update Guide website and the May 2022 Security Updates.


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Aug 17, 2014

Highlighted fixes in Windows 10 Build 19044.1706​

  • Updates an issue that causes Internet Explorer to stop working when you copy and paste text using an Input Method Editor (IME).
  • Updates an issue that displays a black screen for some users when they sign in or sign out.
  • Updates an issue that might cause a Microsoft OneDrive file to lose focus after you rename it and press the Enter key.
  • Updates an issue that causes the news and interest panel to appear when you haven’t clicked, tapped, or moused over it.
  • Updates an issue that prevents you from changing a password that has expired when you sign in to a Windows device.