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CNET said:

For a high-end suite, McAfee Total Protection 2012 isn't a bad program. It's just not a particularly good program, and it misses being great by several miles.
We liked its interface, a continuation with only minor adjustments from its 2010 overhaul. The feature set is generally competitive, too, although this update really only brings it into line with the middle range of competitors. It doesn't really push the envelope as to what a high-end suite can do for its customers.
Its biggest problems lie in its performance, and for a security suite that can be the kiss of death. This kind of program has deep hooks into your Windows computer by necessity. Where competitors fight tooth and nail for fast scans and as small an impact as possible on startup and shutdown times, McAfee blunders ahead. Worse yet, it received terrible ratings in the past year from three independent labs on its ability to keep you safe.
For more details on McAfee Total Protection 2012, where it went wrong and what it did right, check out our full review..

via Cnet.com
Sorry to say it, "but no suprise there sadly" as we all know that they've took a tumble way beyond repair. Am sure they'll come out with a half decent effort with Intel (hardware wise) otherwise Intel would of not bought them for such a nice price.


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I am totally dissatisfied with this product.
1. large use of RAM and multiple processes.
2. Low detection, and prevention are average
3. GUI is not very attractive display only the drop-down menu.
4. update process takes a long time, and install updates is also long.


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McAfee still needs a lot improvements, From the GUI down to the resource usage, Everything is crappy.


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When I went to holiday to visit my cousin, I noticed that their PC is very slow. They had McAfee VirusScan Enterprise (I don't remember the version, mabye 8.5). I wanted to try to fix this problem, but his sister prevented me becuase was afraid thinking that I will damage the computer. When she went to her job, without her knowledge, I downloaded SAS Portable, and I swear, it itself detected over 500 threats and more than 450 of them were critical!!! McAfee's database was updated to the latest version, and it detected very few of them. I can say that McAfee is weak, but I don't know about the newest versions. I don't know why I didn't change the antivirus program :(

Edit: It also let through the koobface virus.


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McAfee failed at some testing organizations and reviews this proved they need to strive hard to get back in track cause if it persists then maybe in the future no one will use McAfee.