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i will be doing a test of Mcafee free soon i think this is a good move for mcafee to become popular again since Norton And Bitdefender are better than Mcafee


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I really hope they made some major improvements in their 2016 version, if not, McAfee free AV sounds a lot more appealing.


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So are there any reason proving that this is the 2016 version?

the version of mcafee security center stays in 14


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The rumors for the release of McAfee flagship of 2016 version is first half of this month (September 2015).

One of the link which shows on the keyword where I searched in Google provides this cache snapshot. (The real link is already dead)



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I have McAfee Antivirus Plus 2015 (Security Center version 14) installed on wife's laptop with Windows 10. Anyone anyone else using McAfee that received a program update to 2016? Thanks.