Level 22
McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2015

  • Pros - Good scores in independent lab tests and our hands-on tests. New high score in malicious URL blocking. Website rating, with details. Numerous bonus features.
  • Cons - Phishing detection rate less than Chrome or Firefox alone. Firewall does not stealth ports in all cases. Most of the product's 12 services could be disabled by malware.
  • Bottom Line - McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2015 earns a new top score in our malicious URL blocking test, and it gets good ratings from the independent labs. It comes with a raft of useful bonus tools, though the bonus firewall seemed a bit wobbly in our testing.
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Level 40
i have red the review a few hours ago and the most disturbing thing for me is that mcafee can't protect it's self from malware.:eek::(also the firewall isn't good but you can always use windows built in firewall:cool:.if they improve those components i believe more people will trust them because some components are very good such as web blocking(site adviser) :(


Level 15
If anyone wants to buy that anti-virus, they may want to do a "custom install" and don't opt to install the firewall.

It's lighter and faster that way, at least it's what I read last year.