McAfee Internet Security 2015 or Bitdefender Antivirus Free

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    Votes: 25 26.3%
  • Bitdefender Antivirus Free

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  • Other (specify in thread)

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I get mcafee for free from my internet service provider and some people say mcafee is not good and I like bitdefender so I wondered what one is better
Hello Andrew999. Although McAffee is not high on members' favorites list, there are some whom like it. A lot depends upon your own system and personal preferences. With our newer system, Windows 8.1, McAfee was included for either 3 or 6 months. We had no problems except it was annoying to uninstall, and learned we needed to use their removal tool. After this, we'd used Bitdefender free in late 2013, & liked it's simplicity. The down side was (at that time) it was not compatible with Windows 8. This has since been remedied.:) You might consider trying it, in order to better decide whether it suites your needs, then you can either return to McAfee or choose from a generous number of free and paid alternatives, most of which offer 30 day trial periods. So, you really can't go wrong!;)
Here's Bitdefender.
We are currently protected by Avast! AV alongside Windows native Firewall. Avast! has options to harden your security, and with Windows Firewall it has been a good combination for us.:)

Edit: I would choose neither McAffee nor Bitdefender (..but that's only my personal opinion).

An alternative choice could be Avast!.
..or even Avira.

Good luck, and (imho) you might just have some fun test driving AVs before deciding!:D
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McAfee Internet Security 2015 isnt great, but is good enough. It has a very good web filter too, I would use it for free.
The problem that I see with McAfee is that it uses too many processes and it is a little on the heavy side.

If you want to use Bitdefender, maybe you could go give their 2015 products a chance, but if you want a free cloud antivirus Panda is the best option.

Here the giveaway section for Bitdefender 2015:


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I would choose bitdefender than mcafee, well mcafee has a lot of o FP and is heavy on system resources... this AV has some bugs and some issues.. bitdefender has an excellent detection rates an IDS and etc, some times you may experiment slow down... some ISP and OEM sellers bundles their products with this AV and some times it is a pain in the ass rather than a remedy to ill...
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Between the two, much more depends upon your specific system and how each would perform on it. BitDefender Free has edge here.

McAfee has more features than BitDefender Free, but more is not always better. BitDefender Free's features are better quality.

Protection wise, if you are typical user, then both are adequate. BitDefender Free has edge here.

It also depends upon your personal preferences in terms of interaction and ability to configure. You cannot configure BitDefender Free, but at the same time it is essentially set-it-and-forget-it. Unless you receive an alert you will soon forget that it is running in the background.

They're both free so I'd try each one out to determine which one works best for you.

If you are willing to pay, then I recommend Emsisoft Anti-Malware or Emsisoft Internet Security. Easy to learn, ease-of-use, and solid protection. For typical user, it is good choice.

Oh NO, I'm about to get mobbed by the MT ESET Crew... :eek: !!!

OK...Emsisoft, Kaspersky, ESET...there, I said it. :D
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If you want no tweak at all and having 24/7 connectivity then you may go for Bitdefender free, it includes already web filter in action.

There's nothing wrong in McAfee but seems due to track records from feedbacks by users it cause not be recommended + majority prefer other AV.


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If you're comfortable with Bitdefender Free, continue to use it. You may need to register an account with Bitdefender to use their free version.

I don't recommend McAfee for inexperienced users, or those who download a lot of software from known/unknown software.


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If having a choice between the two and one being a Security suite and both being free I imagine McAfee would be fine .I think if you were to look for another free alternative there are some other good free Suite & Av's options you might consider.Especially an AV combined with Sandboxie free.


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Hello. Andrew999
Question: Why does Bitdefeder free? Bitdefender constantly promotions.
My sister 2 years enjoys BIS free. Changes only the version of the product.
2013,2014,2015. And if you compare Bitdefender IS and McAfee IS, then BIS looks on tests, is clearly better. Promo for BIS are held almost every month: on 3-6-9 months. ;)

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Hello. Andrew999
Question: Why does Bitdefeder free? Bitdefender constantly promotions.
My sister 2 years enjoys BIS free. Changes only the version of the product.
2013,2014,2015. And if you compare Bitdefender IS and McAfee IS, then BIS looks on tests, is clearly better. Promo for BIS are held almost every month: on 3-6-9 months. ;)
You need to uninstall & reinstall every promo version or only licence key can be activated?


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How about Bitdefender free and add Comodo firewall? :)

I also have a free McAfee from my ISP... but it's probably too heavy on system for my liking. Bitdefender free is very light... but slow scans and a few bugs, but it protects well with a great detection rate.

I stopped using Bitdefender free, because of slow scans and the auto-routine scan broke, a common bug I guess, but the Virus Shield was still working strong. So its still a good free AV IMO.


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McAfee is similar to Trend Micro in strenght when stopping malware from writting to disk and has an excellent web filters, both however has a higher false positives count than Bitdefender. Bitdefender strenght lies on its behavior blocker and malware cleaning. It has some bad points too like it is buggy, slows down web browsing on some machines and weak against ransomware this possibly the reason Bitdefender does not do well at Dennis Tech Lab.

BIS is better overall than McAfee does. I have not much problem running BIS on one of my many trial run last year. BIS is best for novice where user decision is almost silent. The best is to test them your self as every system and user preference is different.

My prefered choice is ESET Smart Security. It has good detection against new and unknown malware. It is light on most machines, has a great IDS, less bugs, low false detection and no extensions or toolbar required so you can run any browser you like and still get protected at the url level.

The bad points about ESET it is not strong at blocking what it usually detects. But it does not mean ESET is weaker, it does provides and advanced features for the more experienced user where the user can maximised ESET protection level. Having ESET Smart Security along with a free secondary companion like Sandboxie and NVT EXE Radar Pro seems like an excellent choice. So i'm not that suprised it is popular among the geeks and gamers at Malwaretips.

Real World System Impact: Bitdefender IS
Level of Protection and Features: McAfee Internet Security/Bitdefender IS
Overall Winner: Bitdefender IS

PS: I have no experience with Bitdefender Free.
Since the OP is comparing between a full suite and a free alternative it not a fair to compare between the two.
Bitdefender provides free promotional keys for its commercial products and are easily accessible.



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I would not recommend McAfee as even the creator says this about his own product

“I am now everlastingly grateful to Intel for freeing me from this terrible association with the worst software on the planet," the ever-colorful McAfee told the BBC. “These are not my words, but the words of millions of irate users. My elation at Intel’s decision is beyond words.”

Also McAfee forces you to enable every feature it has and wines whenever you disable it.I would personally go with BitDefender as I have never had a problem with Bitdefender and trust it alot more than McAfee
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