McAfee Internet Security - New Version will not Install

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Jul 3, 2017
I wanted to reinstall McAfee IS on one of my Windows 10 PCs, and after I downloaded the installation file from their website, and enter the serial provided, I keep receiving a message to check if I am online, and Hmmm something is wrong. This is the installer for the new GUI as it is 32mb.

I tried to re-download the file again, maybe it was corrupt. This time, it downloaded a 12mb installer which is for the older version with the Green Bordered boxes. This version installs flawlessly.

I called McAfee tech support, and they were clueless and useless, and kept wanting to remote access. After explaining my situation, the conclusion was to wait a few days,a nd the program will probably update to the new GUI.

Fyi, I used the McAfee cleanup tool, the Virtual Tech app, and pinged the McAfee website at and received 4 successful replies.

I am disappointed in their clueless support, and cannot understand why the new installer does not work but the old version does. Any ideas?

I am probably going to skip the frustration,and go with WD+CF with cs settings but I would still like to know why the new version installer, the one with the blue and white gui, does not work. The last I read somewhere, was that they were rolling out the new GUI but the tech told me that it is now available.

As a side note, McAfee does not offer offline installation files. One must download the necessary components.
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