McAfee LiveSafe/Total Protection
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Installation Feedback
McAfee's install experience is probably one of the best I've seen. The software is deployed with one click via a live installer (like most others).
The installer checks for hardware and software issues that might prevent you from running the software and it also removes all leftovers from McAfee products. It detects other AVs, but it's not mandatory that you uninstall those, though running multiple security software packages might result in system instability, performance degradation or even a freeze. Given that it is now much more difficult to boot in Safe Mode, it might be a good idea to remove what the installer suggests.
In parallel with performing all checks, the installer downloads the full package, so usually by the time it finishes checking, software is already half-way downloaded.
As with almost all other AVs browser extensions are added. Search engine and home page are not changed, but you should be very careful with a message saying "Your Search is insecure" or something of this sort. This will set Yahoo as your search engine.
Interface (UI)
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Interface Feedback
I have to admit that McAfee's UI was one of the biggest nuisance I've ever seen. The software used large windows, which provided minimum amount of information. For example, a large scanning window was used, but you could barely see the file currently in scan. Security History window was large, barely showing 3-4 entries.
However, McAfee has consolidated everything in one single window and everything is now much more content-centric.
It all feels modern and snappy and there is some consistency running through the whole experience. Everything is now organised in 3 categories and much more easy to find. The large carousel displaying information of a questionable usability is gone, replaced by much smaller "messages". However, these messages, instead of displaying tips or news, rather serve as "see how much we did for you" marketing tactic. This is the reason I've given the UI 4 stars instead f 5.
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Usability Feedback
Alerts are rather large windows attracting user's attention but by no means they are frequent or complicated. Overall, product seems to be friendly to novice users. Product rarely needs any interaction whatsoever, unless firewall has been set to ask for permission on new connections. Product is known for its low false positive levels.
Scans are not as fast as with other vendors, but the CPU usage has been limited, so you most probably won't feel their impact. You can run a scan and still perform other resource-heavy tasks. That way you won't notice how long they actually take. A first time quick scan might take 7-8 minutes, but sequential scan might complete in 2 minutes or so. This will last till the next update when the scan cache will be purged.

McAfee LiveSafe offers one of the best password managers I've seen - McAfee TrueKey. It also offers QuickClean and program update modules, which might be handy for novice users.
Performance and System Impact
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Performance and System Impact Feedback
McAfee's overall performance should be divided in 2 categories - impact and speed.
On a very low-end system, which I've installed it on, impact is almost minimal. RAM usage is ~100 megs, whilst CPU usage is 0% on idle and just 5-10% whilst launching apps, browsing the web and performing other day-to-day tasks. This might be due to McAfee scanning only on-execution and also being heavily-cloud based. There is no obvious impact even during a full-system scan.
Speed on a low-end system however is a different story. Alerts about detected threats take more than 10 seconds to appear, the interface is slow to launch, scans and other tasks are ridiculously slow. McAfee has seemingly optimised the software for lowest impact possible, which of course, reduces the software's overall speed.
I've tried ESET on the same system and it felt a bit more sluggish so it's fair to say McAfee is lighter..

On a high-end system, things change. McAfee's RAM usage goes up to about ~200 megs, whilst CPU and disk usage still remain low. Performance however, goes up, UI and alerts appear in an instant, whilst scans and other tasks complete much faster.
Boot time is not negatively affected by McAfee, as the product starts only the most necessary component during boot - the scanner and everything else gets loaded after the user logon. This is similar to the way Bitdefender has designed their product, with Bitdefender agent scheduled to start about a minute after everything else is loaded.
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Protection Feedback
Before we discuss McAfee protection, I suggest you have a look at this thread, which explains it in a bit more detail and outlines differences between home and corporate products.
Take a moment and scroll through the posts to learn more about McAfee protection.

The consumer products of McAfee have been designed for trouble-free computing. This means focus falls on performance, low system impact and low, almost no false positives, as the person behind the PC might not be knowledgeable enough to deal with issues. That's why McAfee has lowered the aggressiveness of the main AV component, whilst Download Advisor provides better protection, where needed - in the browser. This is the point of entry for most threats, so it makes sense having a tougher guard there.
The software still relies on Real Protect Static, which is a pre-execution scan, Real Protect Cloud, which is a post-execution scan, Credentials Harvesting Protection, working against tools such as Mimikatz. It also uses the GTI reputation system to blocks suspicious files and connections. All of these components have been pre-set by McAfee to be much milder and there is not much an advanced user can do to change that. Ransomware remediation feature is also available, as part of Real Protect journaling files and restoring them after an attack.
This all leads to a balance of security, performance and accuracy, but 0-day protection might suffer, no matter what independent tests say. However, the product is not designed for environments needing extreme security, so McAfee's configuration might be the best for vast majority of users.
I test the product on regular basis and most of the time it handles everything perfectly. There are minor cases where injectors get through and cause Real Protect to go mad, remediating threats again and again, until eventually the system ends clean. However, I am not downloading those from the web, so it's not a real-world scenario.

Remediation is probably the best I've seen, the product removes all traces of malware without causing system instability or affecting settings such as file extensions display. Upon executing a threat, an alert from Windows appears that file is not found. This is due to scanning only on execution, but unlike other antiviruses configured the same way, McAfee terminates the alert.

Phishing protection and malicious URL blocking is present in the form of Web Advisor. It's highly effective, though not as good as ESET, Malwarebytes Browser Guard or Bitdefender Traffic Light. It's not too hard to add either one of those as a browser extension and ESET is already behind Google's Safe Browsing Platform.

The product offers file encryption and anti-spam, which are not installed by default, user has to add them manually. For users in the US it offers Identity Scanning and worldwide users get free VPN. Both Identity scanning and VPN require you to be enrolled to the auto-renewal, but secondary bank account or virtual card can be used to avoid getting charged, whilst still using these benefits.

Highly-configurable firewall is still present and there is Intrusion Detection System that can be manually turned on - it comes off by default.
Real-time file system protection
5.00 star(s)
Internet Surf protection
5.00 star(s)
Proactive Intrusion protection
4.00 star(s)
Network protection
5.00 star(s)
  1. Lots of great features
  2. Low impact on system resources
  3. Easy to use
  4. Simple and non-intrusive
  5. Ransomware protection
  6. Accurate and reliable antivirus engine
  7. Effective malicious URL blocking
  8. Excellent scores in independent tests
  9. Effective malware removal
  1. Short on configuration options
Software installed on computer
More than 1 year
Computer hardware
Standard HDD, 4GB RAM, Pentium N3530 CPU @ 2.16 GhZ
Recommended for
  1. Inexperienced users
  2. Device is shared by family members
  3. Low specs device
Overall Rating
5.00 star(s)
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Level 10
Then why there's an app for it? :unsure: McAfee Web Advisor is already available in the extension store.
You won't believe what I found. Just now you made me search for the extension and I saw it's not there, but guess what is?

As soon as I saw the first screen, I knew it's scam :D


Level 32


Level 10
Oh yes it's not available on Chrome store. I knew that but I forgot. But it's available for Firefox and Edge.
This one definitely looks like a scam. Report it.
Both of them, the McAfee Secure and McAfee Activate are pure scams. Mcafeeretailcardnow... really? :D :D :D
Can't believe Chrome Webstore is hosting those.
As for the extension I know without the McAfee Browser Host Process, even if it's installed in the browser, it's just greyed out and doesn't do anything. If you open a dangerous website and you trigger the block screen, in the URL you will see it gets the resources you see from some *.exe... Don't know why it's been designed this way.


Level 10
It's been there for more than a year. What's going on!
I have been chasing these very same scammers for ages. They are very persistent and they do both Norton and McAfee scams. Their websites are sitting around for long and I noticed they camouflage them. Whenever me and my friends start scambaiting them and wasting their time, their website goes into "camouflage" mode. The logo and all pages and everything disappear and if you click on anywhere it will redirect you to the genuine After some time it will reverse to normal mode again. It normally displays a form, where you have to put "activation details". The form will then give you an error, so you press "contact". They will then tell you "your code is fine but your security services are stopped and that's why activation doesn't work".... pretty much any combination of mcafee + activate + .com will lead to one of their scam sites. They use the same fake names across all of them. They are 3 people doing 8 hours, day time you contact "Gabriela Wilson"...

Gabriela is my favourite. He/she knows immediately that it's me. So clever. I guess she doesn't want anymore ransomware :D
Chat on
Conversation started on : Saturday, May 16, 2020, at 11:48 (GMT+0)​
V1589629721605687: Hey
Gabriella has joined the conversation
Gabriella: Welcome to McAfee. My name is Gabriella Wilson, How may I help you?
V1589629721605687: Hi, I am trying to redeem my license but there is something wrong with the page
Gabriella: We will definitely help you with McAfee activation.
Please provide me your email address and full name.
V1589629721605687: my name is Sarah Wilson and my email address is
Gabriella: Thank you for the information. Please wait for 1 minute. I am going to verify your details on the McAfee server.
V1589629721605687: Thanks
Gabriella: Ok we can check on our server all the details that you have filled are correct but when you click on the Continue or submit button it shows on the McAfee server that there is a problem with the security services on your computer and home network that are either stopped or not working and because of that only you are unable to activate the McAfee protection
V1589629721605687: I'm sorry, I don't understand what you mean
Gabriella: don't worry I will just generate a support ticket under your name so that our technical support team will be able to look for the issue and help you with McAfee activation
V1589629721605687: Can you just refund me the price that I have paid?
Gabriella: don't worry I will just generate a support ticket under your name so that our technical support team will be able to look for the issue and help you with McAfee activation
V1589629721605687: I don't need help with activation, if your page doesn't work I can imagine what your product is like. Can you just refund me the price that I have paid?
V1589629721605687: or do I need to take speak to the store?
V1589629721605687: Are you still there?
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