Dave Russo

Level 13
AVC ScorePC Mark ScoreImpact Score
6.Total Defense8898.63.4
7.Avast, AVG8598.86.2
10.Kaspersky Lab8399.17.9
13.Trend Micro8096.313.7


Level 1
McAfee Antivirus Plus 2019 and Internet Security 2019 (both having a 6-mo trial if you know how to look for it) are tremendously improved over the previous versions (and their Android app also evolved from "complete junk" to "simply awesome"), BUUUT... McAfee deletes/quarantines without notifying, and there's nothing one can do about it!
  • I download a keygen/patch/false positive, and the next second it's gone. I don't even know if it wasn't a dream. McAfee quarantines it, but there's no notification/pop-up/toast!
  • I am making backups and copying some folders on an external HDD or in the cloud. In the process, every single file that looks suspicious to McAfee gets quarantined or deleted, and I don't even know that this happened! I am confident that I made a correct backup, and some files are missing!
  • I insert a USB stick. Some files on it are deleted and McAfee doesn't tell me anything about it.
This is unacceptable and the reason I couldn't use the 6-month extended trials for McAfee Antivirus Plus 2019 and Internet Security 2019, despite the extreme lightness of McAfee 2019.
Of course, it can be worse. Stupid security software include:
  • Sophos Home, which doesn't even have a quarantine.
  • Trend Micro, whose quarantine preserves for 2 years the detected threats, and only removes from quarantine the restored and whitelisted files.
  • F-Secure, who restores the hosts file to the almost empty one originally installed by Windows without notifying the user.


Level 1
@roger_m I'm not sure they still do that. I've just go back to AVG Free after some years of not using either of Avast/AVG, and so far it always asked first if told so. In my experience, Panda and Bitdefender auto quarantine some files, no matter what they're told to do (i.e. configured to ask first).


Level 29
Content Creator
@Ludditus I guess I should try it again. I asked Avast a few years about prompting before quarantining and they said they wouldn't add it.

From memory, you can get Panda's real time protection to prompt you when it finds something, but when running scans, everything gets auto quarantined. However, it may be the other way round, as its been a while since I used Panda.