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Sep 2, 2021
Hello and welcome to the McAfee test!
McAfee is a well known antivirus from the United States.
Once hated and then relatively slow, the antivirus had the same path as its competitor Norton, before having a revival in 2012, following the buyout by Intel.
Currently, the TPG group has joined the publisher with Intel.
The editor focuses mainly on the detection of unknown malware and the responsiveness of the software on this version.

The interface is still complete, but I find it heavy and boring. It's not always so clear to find your way around, which is a pity.
McAfee strangely does not install its Web protection called WebAvisor, so I had to do it as an extension.

The Web filtering is excellent! McAfee has blocked all the links.
The 1st file was not detected, but the site was blocked. So I decided to count it as blocked (it was a false positive, PuttY)

On the other hand, on the pack... it's a disaster!
McAfee lies to us about the number of detected malwares, and asks us to contact the support to delete 1 file... Is this a joke?!
The rest of the files are not recognized. McAfee tries to block the installation of GuLoader, but Magniber arrives, injects processes and encrypts the test files.
So the test must stop.

McAfee is not recommended. It is heavy, slow, and does not protect effectively.

Watch my review on Odysee !

RAM Usage : High
Malware URL test : 10/10 (all detected)
Fake crack : 1/1 (detected)
Malware Pack : Remaining 105 files to 397.
McAfee had some bad luck and was faced with exploits and injections.
Although he blocked the installation of GuLoader, Magniber comes from behind, makes its injections and encrypts the data.
The test had to be stopped early, it is impossible to continue.

Resistance to script attacks: No

Result : Due to encrypted files, the machine cannot be scanned.

Recommand : No
System Clean : No, system infected + file encrypted

@safetrend request

Anthony Qian

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Apr 17, 2021
try trend micro please
TM cannot block Magniber ransomware sample with its BB. Also, no genetic detection for Magniber was created by TM.

The best way to deal with Magniber is using signature-based detection. Kaspersky and ESET create generic detections for Magniber. Bitdefender has recently created one. The other AVs just detect Magniber by exact hash matching.
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