MediaTek introduces Dimensity 900 with sub-6GHz 5G, 120Hz refresh rate support


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Nov 10, 2017
MediaTek has announced a new member of its chipset family, the Dimensity 900, aimed at higher-end mid-range smartphones - not to be confused with premium flagship phones where you'd find the Dimensity 1200 or 1100. Like those chips, the Dimensity 900 is based on a 6nm process from TSMC, so it's still very modern in that regard.

The Dimensity 900 does aim to bring some of those premium features to a more affordable price range, though. It supports 5G connectivity, though only sub-6GHz and not mmWave, as well as every older generation of mobile network back to 2G. It also supports carrier aggregation, DSS, and true dual-SIM 5G.

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