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Microsoft rolled out a new Windows 10 cumulative update for PCs running version 1607 (Anniversary Update), and just as we reported yesterday, there were plenty of users who experienced installation issues.

In a post on the firm’s Community forums, Microsoft engineers confirm the installation problems and explain that the team is already investigating and developing a fix.

There are no details as to when exactly this new cumulative update fix could be released, but it’s worth noting that Microsoft itself says that there’s no point in trying to install this cumulative update because it’ll keep failing anyway.

“Teams have dug into this issue and do believe the cause has been identified. The correct team is developing a fix/workaround and once we have the full details, we'll be posting that information. For your affected machines, there's no need to keep attempting the install. It'll keep failing. In the mean time, hold tight! We're all over this and will keep sharing information along the way,” Microsoft says.

Several company engineers have already joined the discussion thread on the Community forums, asking for more details on the problem, so it’s very clear that the firm is actively investigating the problem.

What’s more frustrating, however, is that this cumulative update actually experienced the exact same issues when being tested as part of the Windows Insider program, but Microsoft shipped it anyway. This is a bit odd given the fact that the previous cumulative updates also had problems installing on a number of computers, so Microsoft should put more focus on testing these updates before rolling them out to all PCs worldwide.

In addition to this new cumulative update fix that should land in the next few days, Microsoft is also expected to release a new one on October 11, when the company is also shipping Patch Tuesday fixes for all Windows computers. CUs for the original Windows 10 version and for November Update should also go live.

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Have to say no problems installing this update and the ones before it. I guess some people aren't as lucky. :(
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