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Sep 2, 2021
Hello all!
Today we are going to focus on the free protection offered by Microsoft! (Windows 10 / Windows 11) which is called Microsoft Defender!
Microsoft Defender, formerly Windows Defender formerly Microsoft Security Essentials (Win7) is the solution proposed by Microsoft for a long time.
Replacing Windows LiveOneCare, it has been criticized for several years because it was lagging behind against malware.
In 2016, Microsoft launched an AI Machine Learning solution, and since then, Microsoft's antivirus has improved violently! Not only was it one of the 1st to detect variants of
Emotet, AgentTesla and TrickBot, but it could be trusted!
For this test, I was asked to pair it with Voodooshield's DefenderUI, which activates hidden settings of Microsoft Defender.
The solution is just awesome! Not only does Microsoft Defender have a powerful detection engine, but with the DefenderUI settings, you have a fortress and all for free!
On the other hand, a small black point, Defender has trouble disinfecting my malware pack after 2 scans, it's a bug, but it's important to note.
Pleasantly surprised, recommended

RAM Usage : Very light
Phishing Test : 1/3 ( 2 missed, 1 detected, 2 dead)
Malware URL test : WITH EDGE SMART SCREEN : 10/10 (All detected)
: WIHOUT EDGE SMART SCREEN : 5/5 (Defender detected all files)
Fake crack : 1/1 (detected by DefenseUI rules and Microsoft Defender database)
Malware Pack : I couldn't count, Microsoft Defender had a hard time cleaning....
Result :
- Microsoft Defender : 0
- Hitman Pro 0
- NPE 1 (False Positive)
- Zemana : 0
- EEK : 0



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Sep 2, 2021
Microsoft defender have problems clean file in the whole, Anyone can reproduce what you experience here: AMTSO Security Features Check Tools - AMTSO And this isn't real malware, they isn't a new problem either it's been going on for yrs.

Thank you for your comment. :)
You should know that I'm not part of any company, I'm just a YouTuber who tests antivirus software ^^

For the cleaning problem, this is what I noticed. If the files are few, there is no problem.
But if they are in a large number, Defender has trouble but the resident is there


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Jun 21, 2020
One of the biggest cons for me is the CPU usage when MS Defender does a scan of the pc, especially full system scan. Pulls all 16cores on my 2700x to max as well as disc usage (nvme SSD)to full 100%. Even with the policy to lower the cpu usage, makes my PC literally unusable and unstable for 8 minutes at longest. I guess i should be fortunate its just 8 minutes. :p


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Apr 28, 2015


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Apr 15, 2020
Thank you! Meanwhile I found it! :)