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Edge Dev build is now available with more fixes and improvements
Here's the full list of improvements:
  • Added a "Copy download link" option to the menu for a downloaded item
  • The context menu for a canceled download no longer shows a list of disabled items, and instead shows only "Copy download link"
  • Added a "Save as" option to the toolbar in the PDF viewer
  • The "Add to dictionary" context menu option for a misspelled word now has an icon
  • For quick links on the new tab page, if there is no site icon available we now show an icon created from the first letter of the site
  • Increased the size of some text on the user profile flyout for readability
  • When a tab is at minimum width and only shows the close button, that close button is now centered in the tab
  • In the Apps submenu, an option now reads "Install this site as an app" instead of showing a really long menu item name that contained the title of the current site
  • When using the keyboard to move through tabs, you can now press enter and not just space to switch tab


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Nope! But I notice that Edge Dev uses ~5% CPU. Neither old Edge nor Brave use this much. Anyone else notice this? or do I have coin miner? :D
On my I7 notebooke it stays around 5.1 to 5.2%. I would say being an unfinished development version with a lot of telemetry it is normal. Anyway I basically don't feel the system any heavier when it's running.
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Was searching the web for Edge-chromiium development. Reason was the announcement of Edge-chromium for Mac, where the explicitly mentioned to offer a more Mac-like user experience in the future.

Microsoft published that it would replace EdgeHTML rendering engine with Google's Blink rendering engine (link). Initially it left us in the dark about replacing their JavaScript engine also (replace Microsoft ChakraCore with V8) until a post on Github (link) made clear they would use Google's V8 javascrip engine also.

In the initial publication it stated that would "adopt more open source technologies" in Edge. Taking this literally it looked Microsoft would take the hard road to replace (adopt more) EdgeHTML and ChakraCore by Google's renedering engine Blink and javascrip engine V8. Replacing a renderer engine is not easy (as Firefox shows with its chunk by chunk replacement of Gecko with Servo), because it has to be done in big increments.

Soon it became clear that Mircrosoft lied a little to us when they proudly announced what Google code they had replaced or kicked out of Chromium (link). This showed Microsoft was taking the more logical way and easy way to first copy Chromium in full and gradually in a step by step process develop a new Edge (a simular route Opera is taking).

The new post on the first Mac release (this forum) confirmed that Microsoft is intending to develop Edge into a different browser using Chromium as a starting point, but intending to uncouple it with Chromium development cycles (using just Blink and V8 opensource code ultimately).

This would take away the big-security disadvantage all Chromium-clones have: they are always (some days, most weeks) behind in release. This means they are potentially vulnerable to security patches made and communicated in the latest Chromium update relased and announced by Google.

For corporate users this vulnability windows would be unacceptable and would prevent Edge-chromium to be used by companies. So it is likely that Edge-chromium will ultimately evolve to Edge-OSS when the browser is ready to challenge its maker on all platforms (Android, ARM, iOS, Linux, Windows). Curious what the response from Google will be: Make it easier to use (offline) desktop apps maybe (link)? :)
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Edge Dev Full Changelog:
  • The built-in translator has now rolled out to everyone. We’d appreciate it if you’d let us know how it works on your sites in your language. Just use the send feedback smiley button.
  • Dark mode, which many of you have enabled manually via a configuration flag, is now on by default for everyone. To see Microsoft Edge in dark mode, you will need to change your Windows or macOS system settings.
  • Keyword search for the address bar is now enabled. When you begin to type the “keyword” for a search engine into the address bar, you will be reminded that you can press tab to search using that engine. You can also type the entire keyword and press space to enter keyword search mode. If you continue typing and press enter, you will navigate directly to search results for that search engine. You may also see search suggestions from that engine as you type. Keyword search is available for all search engines you install or which are automatically detected for you as you browse. To manage search engines, open Settings, then Privacy and services, then Address bar, then Manage search engines. Here you can add or delete search engines AND customize the keyword used for them.

Some other improvements:
  • Added a “Close Microsoft Edge” option in the “Settings and more” menu
  • Improved dark theme support in Browser Task Manager
  • You can now tab to address bar icons which indicate blocked site permissions
  • Apps now appear in the same order on the apps menu and the apps page
  • Updated the keyboard focus rectangle so that it’s more clearly visible

Some of the bug fixes in this release include:
  • Fixed an issue that was causing high CPU usage while the browser was idle.
  • Fixed an issue where extensions couldn’t alter video playback speed.
  • On the download page, individual download cards no longer change height as you tab through them.
  • Removed the “Unknown” option from the language dropdown menu in the translator
  • Fixed an issue where encrypted video only appears as a black screen.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on menu items sometimes doesn’t do anything.
  • Fixed a crash when enabling sync.
  • Fixed a crash during the first run experience.
  • Fixed an issue where the Settings page crashes due to a corrupted user profile.
  • Fixed a crash when opening Settings while in a guest browsing session
Microsoft Releases New Microsoft Edge Browser Update, Pulls It Due to Major Bug