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The download links for the Microsoft Edge stable are now live, in addition to the existing ones for preview builds in Canary, Dev, and Beta channels.

Officially, only early versions of Microsoft Edge are available right now, with Canary builds updated every day, while the Dev channel gets new improvements every week. The Beta build receives updates every six weeks.

Microsoft has until now remained tight-lipped on everything related to the stable version of Microsoft Edge, and an ETA as to when it could launch has never been offered.

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excellent browser.
currently I use it and I am very happy.
He has what it needs.
It has the opportunity to add all the extras with chrome.
is fast, it has a different possibilities of settings.
how it will be so well developed that everything will be fine.
keep it up.(y)
It has a speed dial.


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Thanks. I actually just read that it does import bookmarks from Firefox as well. I think Microsoft wants to win over more people. But I wonder about Opera users? I didn't see where bookmarks from that browser can be imported.


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Just installed it to test and I'd just like to point out to those using beta/dev/nightly builds that it won't automatically import your extensions. You'll have to manually download and configure every extension you use. Bookmarks are synced without any problem. I'll play with this for a few day before I uninstall the Dev build though.