Battle Microsoft Edge vs Yandex Browser

Software comparison
Microsoft Edge vs Yandex Browser
Most interested about
  1. Ease of use
  2. Design of UI
  3. Exclusive Features
  4. Performance
  5. Privacy friendly


Level 6
Jun 11, 2019
I have been using Yandex Browser for more than 6 years. However, Edge recently decided to give it a try. After all, since it is installed in the system, what is gathering dust idle? :)
Now in difficulty - what to choose? Both are based on Chromium, and have good protection: Edge has a Smartscreen filter and protection against PUPs, plus also blocking ad scripts and trackers, Yandex Browser has Protect protection, with its own antivirus and Kaspersky antivirus, Wi-Fi protection, DNS, phishing protection and built-in ad and tracker blocking. In both browsers, you can cram many extensions from the Google Chrome extension store. The consumed system resources are also about the same. Both browsers have memory savings due to the feature to reduce resource consumption of inactive / sleeping tabs.
I noticed that Edge translates pages in a foreign language faster, almost instantly, while Yandex browser spends about 3 seconds on it. But when I close Yandex Browser, it closes instantly, and then Edge spends 2 seconds.
Probably the only difference is that if I use Edge, then the data about me goes to the NSA, and if Yandex Browser - to the FSB. And since I live in Russia, the NSA is far away, and the FSB is nearby, two steps away :p On the other hand, the FSB has already collected a dossier on me, so there is nothing to worry about :D
What would you recommend? Should I give Edge a chance? :rolleyes:


Level 3
Sep 14, 2012
I used firefox from the beginning but I saw google chrome is faster, I used google chrome for years,
When Edge came, I saw it was faster than Chrome, so I migrated to Edge and 2 years passed ...
One thing that was very important to me was the very strong Microsoft Edge support team. I encountered a problem and emailed the support team and they responded very quickly With a lot of kindness ,
And they updated very quickly, I remember they updated twice in 2 days !It is important for me that my browser is always updated, it is very secure(Nice Option,Dns...)Be fast and consume little memory.
That's why I chose Edge.
I used Yandex and deleted it until yesterday.I think it is a good browser, it is very beautiful and it is as fast as Edge.
But I think it's crowded and I really do not trust the Russian government.
Because I am in Iran and the Russian government has condemned on behalf of my people the sale of spy equipment to the iranian i chose edge again.:cool:


Level 6
Jun 11, 2019
I would stick with yandex if you are already used to it...but of course you should give edge a chance and try it out
It's good to try something new :) Although what a new thing, when the same Chromium is only a little in a different wrapper. But what is new, when the same Chromium is only a little in a different wrapper :D