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In context menus, no-one can hear you seethe

As it turns out, no good deed goes unmeddled, and Microsoft is at it again, this time finding a way to sneak adverts for its products into your Android apps.

If you have just about any of Microsoft's Android offerings, including the recently updated Your Phone app that allows you to send texts and read notifications from within Windows, you're going to start finding some weird stuff when you next share anything, from any app.

Microsoft has taken it upon itself to start including options to share from any Microsoft app that could do the job, even if that app isn't installed. In other words, if you're sharing a document, it might give OneDrive as an option to upload it. If you don't have OneDrive installed, it'll still appear, with (install) next to it, which takes you to the Play Store listing to grab that 'missing' app.
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Yes, Microsoft is the worst and should die, they're the only ones using ads on their Andoid APPs no doubt about it.

Oh wait... Compared to the third-party ads on Google and Facebook APPs (among many others), this is nothing...

I don't remember seeing anyone whining about Google pushing Chrome on their services, with that I take my leave.


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