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Microsoft has promised to pay a little bit more attention to the apps that it approves for download on Windows 8.1, but it turns out that all kinds of useless stuff continues to make it to the store these days.

While looking for some Windows 8.1 apps today, I came across this item called “Download Skype Here,” which is pretty clear a click-bait title supposed to trick you into clicking on the app.

There’s absolutely no single word in the official description and feature lineup that could convince you to download the app on your Windows 8.1 device.​

This is the story of how Microsoft destroyed their own ecosystem for Windows RT and 8, because it was run by a bunch of morons. :rolleyes:

Checklist required to certify your app:


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This is really sad, it has been report to Microsoft every since Windows 8 app store opened and still it is full of junk.
Always check the publisher before installing any apps, never buy apps from unknown publishers.
Many fake apps listed are just clones of free products trying to scam you into buying.

Thanks. :D
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