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Looks like Microsoft is looking for a little payback for the "unfair competition" judgment and fine it had to pay for not putting a bunch of competitors browsers in it's own Windows software.

"A group of 17 companies led by technology giant Microsoft has filed a formal complaint against Google in Europe, claiming that the search firm violates competition rules with its Android mobile operating system.

The so-called FairSearch coalition that includes Microsoft, Nokia, and Oracle told EU antitrust investigators that Google is offering its Android OS to mobile phone manufacturers, asking in return to pre-install YouTube and Google Maps mobile apps on sold handhelds.

“Google is using its Android mobile operating system as a Trojan horse to deceive partners, monopolize the mobile marketplace, and control consumer data,” Thomas Vinje, the group's Brussels-based lawyer, was quoted as saying by AP.

The Android mobile OS is installed on nearly 70 percent of the smartphones currently on the market, while Microsoft, Nokia, and other manufacturers are still trailing behind. The European Commission has already received the complaint, adding that it’s now looking into it, so more details should be provided at a later date.

FairSearch mentioned in the papers that Google’s unfair practice makes it very difficult for other mobile platforms to boost their market share, especially because manufacturers are attracted by the low cost of the Android system. As a result, YouTube and Google Maps are becoming top solutions on mobile phones, mostly because they come pre-installed on millions of sold devices.

“Google's predatory distribution of Android at below-cost makes it difficult for other providers of operating systems to recoup investments in competing with Google's dominant mobile platform,” FairSearch said in a statement.

Microsoft has yet to roll out a statement on this new complaint, but a Google representative told AP in a statement that it’s currently working with the European Commission to make sure that no competition rules are infringed.

“We continue to work cooperatively with the European Commission,” Google spokesman Al Verney was quoted as saying.

Here's a novel idea - you want people to use your software? How about making it better than your competition's product?
All this EU butinski is going to backfire.
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