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The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will be released soon, and one of the improvements of this minor feature update for Windows 10 sees Microsoft Edge render sites faster thanks to a series of improvements.

Microsoft Edge is the default browser on Windows 10. While that helped give it a couple of percent of usage share in the browser market, it never managed to absorb the usage share losses of Internet Explorer.

There are several reasons that hold Edge back; the fact that it is only available for Windows 10, the lack of browser extensions, and the rather minimal nature of the browser are all key points that play a role.

Performance however is not mentioned usually when it comes to issues that users have with Edge.

Microsoft announced yesterday that Microsoft Edge will ship with a new version of Edge HTML, the browser's rendering engine. The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update version of Microsoft Edge will ship with Edge HTML 16, and Microsoft promises that it will improve rendering performance significantly for users.

By offloading rendering to a separate (parallel) thread, independent rendering can improve page load and dynamic content updates, while more efficiently utilizing multicore CPUs.

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instead keep the off line installer for firefox. after a fresh os install, install firefox & check for an update from within firefox.

you will not need internet explorer at all. just my two cents :)
Generally before a making a fresh OS installation I prepare everything like PC drivers/soft. But sometimes I forget to move some soft like Firefox installer to usb drive. That's why I have to use IE to download a firefox or other browser for the first time. IE also shows me that I use the outdated browser and recommend to update it :)